Thursday 20 Jun 2024
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It is hard to believe that it has been almost two decades since the world was first introduced to the Porsche Cayenne. When it first arrived, drivers were immediately drawn to its outlandish and radical design.

The model not only redefined the SUV segment, whilst putting the 'sport' emphatically back in SUVs, but it also marked a sharp turnaround for the renowned German sportscar brand.

At the time, Porsche was renowned for building brilliant sports cars like the 911. But the Cayenne instantly changed that perception of the Porsche badge because it proved it could deliver stylish and sporty SUVs as well.

Although the Cayenne first made its debut in 2002, the potential of the vehicle was already earmarked by founder Ferdinand Porsche early on. He once said, "If we would build an off-road vehicle in line with our quality concepts, it would certainly sell." The Cayenne has proven him right time and time again with its motorsport derived technologies and performance.

The Cayenne helped transform Porsche, fuelling its success to this very day. It also paved the way for the company to further improve and expand its sports car DNA to its future model range. Porsche's following models such as the Panamera, Macan and Porsche's first electric sports car, the Taycan are proof of that promise.

Spicing Up The SUV Scene

The first-generation Cayenne began with the Turbo and S models. Porsche eventually expanded the range with variants such as the GTS, Turbo S, Diesel and S E-Hybrid. Porsche's continued focus and development of the model delivered dividends and further success.

The Cayenne was the first model to introduce a plug-in hybrid in the premium SUV segment. Despite its continued evolution, it maintained the very essence and qualities of a Porsche, retaining with it the same DNA from the 911.

Today, the Cayenne remains one of the best performing and handling premium SUVs in its segment. The model is renowned for its legendary tarmac holding properties and sportscar-like handling, which were characteristics unheard of for an SUV weighing over two tons. However beyond great power, handling and space for the family, the Porsche Cayenne also boasts incredible off-road capabilities.

This was proven when a private team utilised the vehicle to compete in the legendary Transsyberia Rally. The strenuous and challenging race required competitors to drive more than 7,000km in two weeks, covering some of the most treacherous roads in the northern hemisphere. After securing the first three places in the 2007 Transsyberia Rally, the Cayenne's reputation as a genuine off-roading machine was cemented in history.

A Performance People Mover

Despite its proven capabilities as a certifiable off-roader, most owners will never take their Cayenne off the beaten path. But that is perfectly fine, because the model is perfectly adapted to life on the regular grind as well.

On local shores, the Cayenne has been a tremendous success story, outselling all other Porsche models in the local line-up. It still remains the ultimate sports car for a family to enjoy on a weekend road trip to exotic destinations. It also scores top marks as a daily driver where the spaciousness and sporty character of the Cayenne becomes an unequalled ally. Built for all purposes, the Cayenne has and remains unmatched. Even more so when it comes to performance.

The latest Cayenne is kitted with a 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine which puts out 340PS and 450Nm of torque. Hit the ignition and the gas and it will not stop accelerating until it reaches 245kmh. A powerful machine needs equally powerful stopping power, and the Cayenne is armed with ventilated brakes for that task.

Being able to stop the vehicle on a dime is owed to Porsche's well-storied development in performance racing. Decades of constant development in some of the world's most famous racetracks has provided the brand some of the best brakes in the industry. Like the extended Porsche family, the Cayenne also benefits from this performance DNA.

To ensure customers get the very best experience out of their Cayenne, Porsche has introduced a new enhanced Cayenne Premium Package. The sporty yet practical drive is now made even more enticing with a range of options worth over RM83,665 included at no extra cost.

This package seeks to achieve an even more impressive performance in the SUV model range. It includes air suspension with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) for dynamic handling and driving comfort, as well as 21-inch RS Spyder wheels for improved road handling, and ParkAssist with Surround View.

Other complimentary luxury options include a BOSE® Surround Sound System for an unparalleled audio experience, and four zone climate control, elevating the experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Best of all, with the recent government announcement to extend the 50% SST exemption until December 31, 2021, on completely built-up (CBU) models, the entire family can now enjoy the sports car feeling in the Cayenne with prices starting from RM665,000.

The Cayenne sold through official importer, Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP) comes with a four-year warranty, as well as a four-year complimentary service and maintenance package. To find out more about the Porsche Cayenne with the new Premium Package, check out the Porsche Centre dealer websites.

For more information on the Porsche Cayenne or to book a test drive after the FMCO please click here.

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