Thursday 20 Jun 2024
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SINGAPORE (March 27): The Singapore-flagged vessel, Dali, that collided into Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland which then collapsed, has valid required classification society and statutory certificates covering the structural integrity of the vessel and functionality of its equipment.

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said Dali also underwent and passed two separate foreign port state inspections in June and September 2023, with the next classification and statutory surveys due in June 2024.

“In the June 2023 inspection, a faulty monitor gauge for fuel pressure was rectified before the vessel departed the port,” it said in a statement on Wednesday.

Dali was flagged with Singapore from October 2016 and is classed by classification society ClassNK.

MPA said classification societies are generally authorised by a flag administration to monitor compliance to technical standards and the applicable regulations by vessels registered under its flag.

Meanwhile, MPA, in an earlier statement said the ship management company Synergy Marine Pte Ltd reported to the agency that just before the incident, Dali had experienced momentary loss of propulsion.

“As a result, it was unable to maintain the desired heading and collided with the Francis Scott Key bridge.

“The vessel was reported to have dropped its anchors as part of the vessel’s emergency procedures prior to its impact with the bridge. The vessel was under pilotage at the time of the incident,” it said.

The agency also said that investigators from the Transport Safety Investigation Bureau and the MPA are travelling to Baltimore, Maryland, to support the investigation.

Authorities announced that six people were presumed dead on Tuesday evening, and that they have shifted from a search and rescue operation to a recovery effort, media reported.

All 22 crew members are safe and accounted for.

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