Friday 23 Feb 2024
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DUBAI (Feb 12): Nvidia Corporation founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Jensen Huang emphasised the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) and stressed that intelligence holds greater importance than traditional manufacturing in the modern era, during his remarks at World Government Summit (WGS 2024) held here on Monday.

Citing Sovereign AI’s critical role in preserving cultural and historical identity, Huang urged each nation to assert ownership over its data to enhance intelligence capabilities.

Sovereign AI is a broader concept that involves governmental policies, regulations, and strategies for AI development within a nation. 

“This industrial revolution is about the production, not of energy and food but the production of intelligence.

“Thus, every country needs to own the production of their own intelligence, which is the reason why there's this idea called Sovereign AI. You own your own data; nobody owns it. 

“It codifies your culture, your society's intelligence, your common sense, history, your own data and therefore, [you] must take that data, refine it and own your own national intelligence,” he said.

Huang also cautioned against reliance on external entities for AI advancement, emphasising the need for countries to maintain control over their intelligence to safeguard national interests and technological sovereignty.

Themed “Shaping Future Governments”, this year’s WGS focuses on six themes and hosts 15 global forums that will explore future strategies and major transformations in key sectors across 110 interactive dialogues.

Over 200 prominent speakers, including presidents, ministers and visionaries, will share their insights, alongside 23 ministerial meetings and executive sessions welcoming over 300 ministers.

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