Wednesday 24 Apr 2024
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(Feb 9): The EU parliament said it will not recognise Venezuela’s presidential elections unless the government allows opposition candidate María Corina Machado to participate.

The message is a forceful response to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s move to reaffirm a ban on Machado last month. The resolution from the EU parliament goes a step forward than recent statements from the US, which has reiterated its emphasis on the resolution of the electoral process, instead of a particular candidate.

Her participation would allow for a “competitive and truly democratic presidential election in 2024,” the EU parliament said in a Thursday resolution. If this and other conditions are not met, the EU should statement said consider sending an electoral observation mission to Venezuela, the statement said. 

The parliament also called for further EU sanctions against Venezuela’s Supreme Court judges and security force members involved in “systematic abuses” against government critics, including politicians and journalists.

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