Friday 02 Jun 2023
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PUTRAJAYA (March 24): Pusat Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Berkomputer (Puspakom) will no longer be the sole provider of periodic motor vehicle inspection service from Sept 1, 2024, said Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook.

He said the Cabinet in a meeting on March 17 decided that other qualified companies would also be allowed to provide the service on behalf of the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

He said the process of inviting private companies to offer this service is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2024 at the latest.

"This decision means Puspakom will no longer be the sole provider of periodic motor vehicle inspection service on behalf of JPJ from Sept 1, 2024," he told a press conference here on Friday (March 24).

Loke said the decision is in line with the government’s desire to create a competitive service environment, and to make it easier for people to deal with such tasks.

This was following public complaints about lack of efficiency, as many had to spend hours waiting for their vehicles to be inspected, and also due to the fact that there is a limited number of Puspakom branches.

Loke said the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and JPJ would develop the qualifying conditions, operational regulations, scope of service and guidelines, including on the determination of inspection locations, before opening up the service to other companies.

Companies interested in providing this service must fulfil the same conditions imposed on Puspakom, including hiring only qualified workers, he said.

They must also provide and use computerised inspection equipment regulated and approved by JPJ, provide services which fully meet the scope, standards and procedures set for vehicle inspection, and charge inspection fees according to the specified rates.

"Interested private companies are not allowed to offer repair or modification services for vehicles, or sell spare parts,” he said.

Loke also said Puspakom’s concession agreement, when it expires on Aug 31, 2024, would be extended by 15 years with improved terms.

He said Puspakom had performed its functions well and met service requirements, but it had been asked to implement upgrading works, including amending the procedures and scope of inspection to enhance quality and integrity.

Loke said Puspakom is required to modernise its inspection process, in line with current technological developments, by using high-tech communication equipment, sensors or cameras to enable inspections to be monitored online on a real-time basis by consumers, the MOT and JPJ.

Puspakom has also been asked to increase the competency of its employees, through the provision of more effective and relevant human resources development training systems, improve the process for bookings and customer complaints, and instal closed-circuit televisions at all inspection centres for the purpose of real-time control and monitoring.

Puspakom is also required to improve the scope of vehicle inspections, such as interior checks, underbody checks and motorcycle inspections, to increase the level of technical safety and roadworthiness of vehicles, especially those used as public transport or for goods delivery.

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