Thursday 30 May 2024
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KUALA LUMPUR (March 2): Classita Holdings Bhd's substantial shareholder Datuk Seri Tee Yam @ Koo Tee Yam and former chief financial officer Ting Yi En have lodged police reports against the group’s executive director Francis Leong Seng Wui and his lawyers for alleged witness intimidation.

These reports, sighted by The Edge, alleged that Leong, together with Classita lawyers Wilson Lim Mao Shen and Huam Wan Ying, had intimidated Ting to amend the ex-CFO's affidavit in a civil suit.

The civil suit was filed by Koo and former executive vice-chairman Jessie Wong Siaw Puie against Classita, seeking to claim RM3.96 million that the duo had advanced to the group to fund day-to-day operation when its accounts were frozen by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

It is understood that the police are probing Leong and Lim following these two reports. Lim had been summoned to have his statement recorded, and Ting had been called to Mutiara Damansara Police Station for an identification parade on Thursday.

Lim is understood to be released after his statement was recorded on Thursday.

Ting, who was the group’s CFO between April and October last year, said in the police report that being a key witness in the civil suit, he filed an additional affidavit dated Jan 16 attesting that Koo and Wong had advanced money to Classita.

About 10 days later on Jan 25, Classita’s lawyer Huam called Ting to request a meeting regarding the additional affidavit, the report read.

Prior to Huam’s phone call, Leong had allegedly called to “pressure” Ting into acting according to instruction, or risk being sued in court and Leong will make “life difficult” for Ting.

Subsequently, Ting revealed these to Koo as Ting was worried about his personal safety. Koo's lawyers from Messrs Ahmad Deniel, Ruben & Co (ADR) were consulted for legal advice.

Out of fear, Ting said he had brought along an ADR lawyer to attend a meeting with Lim and Huam on Feb 5, where Lim allegedly threatened Ting to amend content in the additional affidavit and pre-sign another affidavit that will be drafted by Lim and Huam.

Ting said he did not sign a new affidavit and had subsequently ignored phone calls from Leong.

As at Pct 5 last year, Koo owned a 19% stake in Classita, formerly known as Caely Holdings Bhd, while Wong had 1.9%.

Wong was removed from her position in June last year via an extraordinary general meeting requested by Leong, Kok Kwang Lim and Valhalla Capital Sdn Bhd, who collectively own at least 10% stake in Classita, a loss-making lingerie maker.

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