Saturday 03 Jun 2023
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(Jan 31): The US must change its foreign policy in order to find a way out of the global crisis and avoid starting World War III, UN expert on sustainable development Jeffrey Sachs said in an interview for Serbia’s Politika, published on Tuesday (Jan 31), TASS reported.

Commenting on the shipment of new types of weapons to Ukraine, Sachs noted that this is the "ninth year of the war, not the first one," and the danger keeps growing.

"Right now, we have a war in Ukraine, Israel is bombing Iran, America and China are on the verge of direct confrontation over Taiwan — it is a very dangerous time. If all this escalates further, we are already flirting with World War III. I believe that there is a way out of this crisis, if the US changes its foreign policy, and if the 150 countries that are neither NATO member states nor US allies, excluding Russia, vote at the UN General Assembly, and demand an immediate ceasefire and the beginning of peace talks," Sachs said, TASS reported.

The expert noted that "even the Pentagon now warns Washington" about the potential consequences of the global crisis and the possibility of a nuclear war.

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