Sunday 01 Oct 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 18): Touch ‘n Go (TNG) group, via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, has launched the first corporate social responsibility (CSR)-linked Visa prepaid card in Malaysia.

TNG Digital Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Alan Ni said the company and Visa have integrated innovation and advanced technology to deliver enterprise-grade security and features for the prepaid card.

He said with all the features incorporated in this card, Touch ‘n Go eWallet is now able to offer all the services equivalent to an alternative bank to all eWallet users for free.

“We expect strong demand for the card as this will expand our eWallet customers’ payment horizon internationally.

“I believe this Visa card has the potential to become one of the largest wallet prepaid cards, and we have received a positive demand response from customers in the last few days,” Ni told the media after launching the Visa card here on Wednesday.

He also said that the card has a flexible transaction limit of RM5,000 per day, from which the cardholder would be able to withdraw money from an automated teller machine (ATM) machine.

In 2023, Ni said the company aims to become a universal payment provider and the most accepted digital payment option both online and offline.

Meanwhile, Visa country manager for Malaysia Ng Kong Boon said the prepaid product that is tied to the Touch ‘n Go eWallet will enable cardholders to pay at Visa’s wide network of over 80 million merchants worldwide.

“We are also heartened that cardholders who apply for this product will be able to contribute to the United Voice upskilling initiative and do their part for charity while benefitting from making seamless and convenient card payments,” he said.

Ni, meanwhile, noted that the Touch ‘n Go eWallet CSR-linked Visa card is the first numberless card in Malaysia, providing stronger privacy with enhanced card security controls.

“The Visa card acts as a complementary payment channel to the eWallet while enabling users to make payments even at merchants who do not have a DuitNow QR code.

“The card also permits users to withdraw cash at ATMs and perform online and offline payments internationally,” he said.

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