Wednesday 27 Sep 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 25): We now live in a world of eight — yes, eight — billion people. The thought alone is sobering. That our planet is singularly sustaining us all is enough to make us live each day a little more gracefully, a little more gently and with infinitely more gratitude. One best practice is to take stock and remember the good while making it a point to learn from the bad. Life, after all, is circular and cyclical.

Yes, Covid-19 was a hard cross to bear but it also gave us precious insights into the things that really matter. And, as we plunge back into life, the lessons we learnt from the years under lockdown would stand us in good stead. This year took many great names from us but also shone new light onto others, including newly minted Pritzker Prize Laureate Diébédo Francis Kéré, a slew of new leaders who would, hopefully, steer their nations towards brighter days, and even whole generations of young men and women who actively played a part in shaping a better future.

As such, we hope our recap of 2022 helps you do just that. We've endured some hard times and lost some luminaries. But along the way, we've also found that, within the darkness, there is always light. To a good year ahead for all.

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