Sunday 21 Jul 2024
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KUALA LUMPUR (April 11): Property developers Triterra Metropolis Sdn Bhd and Naza TTDI Sdn Bhd — the property arm of Naza Corp Holdings Sdn Bhd — said they will be completing the sales gallery for MET 8, also known as The MET Corporate Towers, sometime next month.

Triterra chief operating officer Christopher Lim said the development is currently undergoing a private preview, with the developer planning the prelaunch of the RM650 million gross development value project.

"We are having a private preview at the moment and we will be planning our prelaunch soon," he said at a press conference held in conjunction with the signing of a partnership agreement between Triterra and Naza TTDI.

Naza TTDI is the master developer of KL Metropolis development, which includes MET 8.

From the ongoing private preview, Lim said the project has garnered overwhelming response despite the current state of the local property market, with purchasers ranging from corporate multinationals to local firms and individuals.

He said the diverse range of interested parties reflect the integration of the development itself.

Triterra joint chairman Datuk Seri Michael Yam Kong Choy said the developer has a sound sales strategy for the two blocks. The first 450,000 sq ft block is available for retail customers, comprising units ranging from 900 sq ft to 2,200 sq ft.

"The great thing was a lot of them came and bought entire floors, which has got 12 titles. The beauty of this, if you're investing, you could now have 12 different units to rent out or eventually to sell," said Yam.

He added the block has "more or less taken care of itself" based on the deposits and bookings taken so far.

Meanwhile, the developer is looking for a single buyer for Phase 2 of the development comprising another 150,000 sq ft tower.

"We are talking to about four parties now specifically and we have two months to close the deal," he said.

However, if the deal falls through, Yam said the second tower will be opened to retail purchasers instead.


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