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Every day is an opportunity for us to make better decisions about our lifestyle. In fact, there are never-ending supplies of self-help websites, new age books and instructional videos that instruct us on what lifestyle choices we should make.

In an attempt to improve our well-being, we try to obey their mantras: We sleep eight hours a night, drink eight glasses of water a day, opt for whole grains instead of white flour, and we drag our reluctant bodies, brave the Klang Valley traffic and head to the gym for a moment of physical vigour after a long day at work. But what if there was a more fundamental facet affecting our health and well-being? One that predates dietary alternatives and hot yoga?

The environment we inhabit plays an integral role inour lives, and a thoughtfully designed township and home provides a space for us to express ourselves, simplify our lives, foster relationships and reclaim our leisure time.

Rather than just providing shelter and safeguarding our possessions, our homes are sanctuaries where we grow up, commune with our family, and laugh with our friends and loved ones. In this regard, a floor plan and a township designed with the community and its well-being in mind can lead to fulfilling conversations, more intimate memories and closer relationships.

More importantly, a township that places people first allows one to flourish physically, mentally, spiritually and intellectually through enabling holistic lifestyles.

Choosing the perfect sanctuary

In recent years, living spaces have diverged from a mere planet-focused point of view to one that embraces the impact on individual well-being.

Numerous studies, such as one conducted by John Spengler and Akira Yamaguchi from the Centre for Health and the Global Environment (CHGE), have shown that the design of our built environment affects our health and well-being, and can have long-term implications on the quality of life. Indeed, behaviour can be strongly influenced by the environment.

To truly enhance our well-being, home design needs to go beyond single parameters such as flooring and ventilation, to more holistic approaches that take their cues in healthcare and psychology. Essentially, living spaces should reflect what people want — to feel good, and to live well.

Through thoughtful and meticulous design, townships and homes can enhance our relationships with our families and our environment by creating engaging spaces for a more wholesome life.

Imagine for instance, a ray of sunlight through an open and spacious kitchen that creates a moment of warmth and calm, combined with a touch of nature — our well-being is intimately linked with such moments of delight.

While the environment encompasses an array of things, there are four important factors to consider when you’re deciding on your new home beyond mere physical amenities: strengthening relationships, keeping active, safeguarding solitude and inspirational learning.

This means a township that prioritises accessibility and proximity to communal resources such as schools, hospitals, and markets; places of inspiration such as parks and cafes; pedestrian-oriented walkways; and spaces to engage with the community through arts, sports and other activities.

The township dedicated to wellness

Wellness is at the heart of the City of Elmina - a 5,000-acre freehold development by Sime Darby Property along the Guthrie Corridor Expressway that comprises four townships – the mature Bukit Subang and Denai Alam, and the up-and-coming Elmina East and Elmina West. The City of Elmina is only a short drive away from the mature commercial hubs of Kota Damansara, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam and Ara Damansara.

Here, residents can start their day with a yoga session at the 300-acre Central Park, go for a jog or cycle along the 90km dedicated path, head down to the community garden to check on their vegetable patch and the latest community news, and purchase fresh produce from nearby grocers. Or, they can just unwind at home and whip up a hearty meal in their open kitchen.

This is because the driving philosophy behind the City of Elmina is to establish a township that reflects total wellness by practising a way of life that mirrors what residents deem important. Deriving key research findings from the Mercer Quality of Living Survey — a global survey that ranks 231 cities from Vienna to Kuala Lumpur on the quality of life — the City of Elmina holds to high standards the various factors that impact residents’ well-being and quality of life. This means taking into account the quality of the environment, education, health, transportation and public services, among others.

Through this belief, the township seamlessly integrates wellness into its overall plan, providing residences a respite for relaxation and retreat.

The final and most exclusive edition of the successful super-link homes of the City of Elmina is LIANA. Located at the heart of Elmina Gardens, LIANA features only 72 units of 30’ x 100’ superlink homes enveloped by lush greenery and pocket parks.

In this secure and close-knit community, access to a wide range of health and recreational amenities is an effortless endeavour, coupled with a home design that reflects the various dynamics of communal and healthy living.

Drawing from the design of traditional plantation homes, LIANA’s facade is fitted with louvres that let in natural light and fresh air while keeping out rain, debris and direct sunlight.

The home’s open-plan design for living, dining and kitchen areas provides maximum flexibility in space usage, apart from encouraging interaction amongst family and friends.

Professionally planned to suit multi-generational needs, LIANA is also equipped with a spacious built-up area ranging from 3,183 to 3,568 sq ft, and a double-volume ceiling that promotes ventilation and sense of space, both features thoughtfully crafted to cultivate maximum comfort.

Depending on what’s important to residents, LIANA is a sanctuary where each day can be savoured for rest or productivity, with each resident rooted in the fundamental elements of well-being, both at home and outside of it.

At the heart of it all is a masterful and meticulous township planning that allows for spaces to thrive seamlessly alongside the natural environment. In choosing a township that truly understands and embodies wellness, we begin at the right track of leading a life well lived.

LIANA at Elmina Gardens is now open for sale from RM 1,211,888, not inclusive of applicable bumiputera discount. For more information, contact us at +603 7831 2253 or visit

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