Wednesday 29 Nov 2023
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Today, sustainability is a critical and pressing global issue. The call for a low-carbon, zero-waste future is geared towards protecting our ecosystem, mitigating climate change and preserving our precious natural resources. It is a holistic approach to improving the quality of our lives and safeguarding future generations.

This important call has transformed industries and companies across the globe, many of which have embraced a more sustainable approach to their business practices and operations. According to Sun Life Malaysia, a leading life insurance and family takaful company, both businesses and individuals must come together and take meaningful steps that will help shape a more resilient and sustainable economy.

Its CEO and president/country head Raymond Lew says, “Sun Life is guided by the purpose to help clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. We cannot achieve this without a sustainable and equitable future. That is why we are committed to working with clients, advisers, partners and communities in advancing sustainability — socially, environmentally and economically.”

“At Sun Life, we see sustainability as a strategic enabler to drive growth for our business and clients. We promote sustainability by building on areas that we can do best, which are advancing sustainable investing, fostering healthier lives and increasing financial security through innovative insurance and protection products,” he explains.

Sun Life Malaysia has not only embedded sustainable practices in its business operations but is also advancing sustainability through its investment lens.

The launch of the Sun Life Malaysia Global Sustainable Fund in July cements Sun Life Malaysia’s sustainability commitment. An industry first, the ESG-themed (environmental, social and governance) fund, which is offered through investment-linked insurance plans, empowers clients to contribute to a low-carbon and more sustainable economy, without compromising on their financial goals and protection needs.

Fulfilling sustainable and financial security goals

“Sun Life Malaysia Global Sustainable Fund is an exciting and important step in our journey to making sustainable investment more widespread and accessible. We are taking a leadership role in helping clients make informed investment choices that have positive impacts on both people and the planet. We have already witnessed a change in consumer sentiment requesting for more sustainable investment options,” Lew says.

The new fund, a collaboration between Sun Life Malaysia and Nomura Asset Management Malaysia through a feeder fund, is designed to provide an opportunity for clients to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is also aimed at meeting their financial needs through investment-linked insurance plans with built-in protection benefits.

Sun Life Malaysia Global Sustainable Fund’s main appeal is providing Malaysians with accessible and affordable entry points into ESG investing. By investing in this ESG-themed fund through an investment-linked policy, policyholders are given an avenue for extended value creation while receiving superior financial results over the long term. It serves as a way for clients to embrace the sustainable economy, take vital steps towards financial security and close protection gaps.

Long-term value and growth

For Sun Life Malaysia, ESG is more than investing to drive meaningful social and climate change actions. It helps to identify strong investment opportunities that are centred on companies seeking long-term growth by building a low-carbon and sustainable economy while solving social and environmental challenges.

The Sun Life Malaysia Global Sustainable Fund invests in companies that have the potential to generate financial returns and considerable benefits for society and the environment over the long term. These companies include those that are focused on mitigating climate change and natural capital depreciation, as well as the eradication of communicable diseases and obesity.

It is also centred on companies that have a forward-looking crisis management approach to Covid-19 recovery and those striving to provide global access to clean drinking water and basic financial services, which are key points of the UN’s SDGs.

The benefits of investing in socially conscious and environmentally responsible companies is the ability to reap a double bottom line, both in monetary and non-monetary terms. It is found that these companies often sustain returns for longer than the market recognises and have a profitable track record, even during crises.

By giving clients a choice to invest responsibly, Sun Life Malaysia is empowering them to contribute towards building a healthier, more financially resilient, environmentally secure and economically prosperous world. It is a mutually beneficial approach that is rewarding for clients, the planet and future generations.

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