Tuesday 16 Jul 2024
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Malaysian drivers can now enjoy a stylish new way to enter the all-electric world of sustainable mobility with the arrival of the EQA 250. The first purely electric compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) from Mercedes-Benz has landed on local shores, offering consumers an affordable and seamless way to embrace electric mobility. The EQA takes the signature qualities of Mercedes-Benz that buyers know and love and electrifies them, thus setting the stage for drivers to enter the electric age with zero compromise.

Electrifying performance

Featuring a distinctive design, the new EQA has a black panel grille with the symbolic central star — the hallmark of Mercedes-Benz. A continuous fibre-optic light strip in the front and rear and blue highlights in the high-performance headlamps and LED tail lamps further underline the sleek and futuristic design and silhouette of the EQA and its electric DNA.

The EQA 250 boasts a combined electric consumption of 17.6kWh/100km and a total range of 429km according to WLTP. Its impressive performance is also down to the aerodynamically efficient design of the vehicle. The EQA supports a CCS charging socket for alternating current as well as direct current.

For faster charging when the situation requires, the EQA can be charged at a maximum output of up to 100kW at rapid charging stations. Depending on the SoC (state of charge), the EQA’s battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in 32 minutes.

Digitally optimised features

Inside the vehicle, the EQA offers luxurious and state-of-the-art technological features that emphasise comfort and convenience. The seating is typical for an SUV of this calibre — high and upright, it offers optimal all-round visibility and comfort. The utilisation of space is also enhanced with a split-folding backseat.

The intuitively operated MBUX infotainment system further elevates the driving experience. Easily configured and customisable to fit driver requirements, along with voice-activated controls, the MBUX relays important vehicle information and functions with powerful, brilliant and engaging graphics.

In the EQA, drivers can call up menus related to charging options, electrical consumption and energy flow. Adding to the general ease of using the EQA on a day-to-day basis is a Navigation with Electric Intelligence feature, which calculates the fastest route to a given destination.

Advanced safety

As with all Mercedes-Benz cars, safety remains a top priority. The EQA retains that philosophy with a body that has been designed to meet specific demands of an electric car. The high density lithium-ion battery sits within a structural frame, preventing it from being pierced by foreign objects.

In the event of a crash, the high-voltage system can be automatically switched off. Likewise, this comprehensive safety concept is extended to the charging process, if and when an impact is detected when the car is stationary at a rapid-charging station.

Standard on-board safety features of the EQA include Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist. Unique to the vehicle, it has an acoustic ambient protection feature that alerts pedestrians and cyclists while driving almost silently. The acoustic presence indicator generates specific Mercedes-Benz sounds outside of the vehicle up to a speed of 20kph.

Building an electric road map

As part of its electric vehicle (EV) readiness and its intent to create an electric infrastructure here, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has strengthened its partnership with Petronas Dagangan Bhd to install five high-speed chargers along the North-South Expressway and part of the East Coast Expressway. The brand is also installing 13 new DC fast chargers at strategic dealer locations this year, which customers can use at no cost until the end of 2023.

The first 1,000 customers will get to enjoy an exclusive one-year subscription of JomCharge, where they will enjoy a 50% discount at all charging stations. With impressive range and extensive charging infrastructure, the EQA opens up new possibilities for sustainable and stylish mobility for today’s discerning drivers.

Take the first step towards electric mobility with the EQA 250. Discover more here.

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