Sunday 14 Jul 2024
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Garden International School’s new RM95M Sports Centre is an extension of its commitment to raising students who will be productive in the community, wherever they go.

Garden International School (GIS) in Kuala Lumpur is renowned for its students' stellar academic performance. Year after year, the School’s IGCSE and A Level results place GIS among the best International British schools in the world, with 100% of students gaining entry into their universities of choice, many of which are among the world’s most prestigious institutions.

The desire of parents to secure a spot at GIS for their children, often starting at the School’s Early Years Centre, goes beyond just seeking exceptional examination results and elite university placements. GIS recognises that learning extends beyond academic excellence, strongly emphasising the development of the whole child through a holistic education.

Beyond Academic Excellence: Raising confident students

Part of the family of Taylor’s Schools, Malaysia’s largest K-12 private education group, GIS fully embraces the Group’s commitment to nurturing students who are “Relevant, Responsible and Resilient.”

These vital qualities anchor the Group's holistic approach to education, aiming to prepare students for academic success and to be leaders of positive change in the world.

“We are not just producing students who go to great universities, but students who will do great things at those universities, and beyond.” - BK Gan, President & CEO of Taylor’s Schools

BK Gan, President & CEO of Taylor’s Schools, elaborates, “To lay the foundation for lifelong success for our students, they must be relevant for a rapidly changing world, responsible for their actions, and be resilient; able to withstand adversity and bounce back from challenges.”

He adds, “As an educator, our role is to provide the environment and resources for our students to begin developing the mindset from a very young age to be curious, innovative and entrepreneurial. It is important that our students see it as their responsibility to make the world a better place.

“We build a curriculum and the environment where all the virtues of sports, the arts, music and holistic learning can be nurtured alongside academics, so we are not just producing students who go to great universities, but students who will do great things at those universities, and beyond.”

GIS’s new Sports Centre, targeted to launch in Q1 of 2025, looks set to be a significant step in this pursuit.

Top-Tier Facilities

This 5-level, 200,000 sq ft facility will be home to world-class amenities including an olympic-size swimming pool, two full-length indoor basketball courts, two tennis courts and a fully-equipped gym and fitness suite.

Wider Education Through Sports

“Sports and physical activity teach students to strive, fail, and succeed through hard work,” says Simon Mann, Principal of GIS. “Preparing for performance builds resilience, applicable to all life areas.”

“Our new facilities encourage lifelong engagement in exercise and self-discovery through sports. From beginners to budding athletes, GIS offers a variety of sports for all skill levels, helping students find and develop their passions.”

Through involvement in associations like FOBISIA, GIS regularly hosts other schools and participates in major sporting events and competitions across Asia. “With our new facilities, we look forward to hosting more events,” Mann adds.

Artist impression of the upcoming 5-level Sports Centre
The new indoor sports hall & olympic-size swimming pool

No Plans to Increase Student Capacity

GIS values maintaining an intimate learning environment. “We are not expanding our student numbers,” assures Mann. “Our focus is on enhancing the quality of education. These upgrades ensure each student fully benefits from our offerings.”

A Hub for the Neighbourhood

GIS has always been a welcoming place, with school facilities available for use by parents and the wider community. The new Sports Centre will continue this tradition, with its swimming pool and sports hall open to the public, providing a valuable resource to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in the neighbourhood.

This addition looks set to galvanise GIS’s role as a centre for academic excellence and community engagement, offering state-of-the-art facilities that everyone can enjoy and preparing students to be life champions, ready for anything the future holds.

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