Sunday 21 Jul 2024
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Prolexus reveals its cutting edge ProX™ anti-virus technology which inactivates bacteria and viruses, including >99% SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19. The technology enables its functional fabric facemask, ProXmask™ to be both protective and preventive, benefiting both self and others in close proximity. The technology also enables inactivation of >99% Covid-19 even after 60 washes.

The R&D venture involved a disinfection test protocol that simulated the real-life interaction of virus contaminated fabrics. A known concentration of human coronavirus was contacted with ProX™ anti-virus treated fabric followed by measurement of remaining infectious viruses. The treated fabric showed virus reduction of over 99%, proving its infectivity efficiency against Covid-19. 

The fundamental of the anti-virus technology involves the presence of active positive charges on fabric, as binding sites for virus. Upon contact with fabric, the virus cells which are negatively charged, are neutralized, subsequently leading to rapid destruction of its glycoprotein layers and release of non-infectious ribonucleic acid (RNA).

1. Capture
ProX™ anti virus fabrics have imitative active metal ion based polycationic binding sites for virus. Similar to an electrostatic attraction principle, the sites attract negatively charged chemical functional groups in glycoprotein layers of virus and bacteria. Upon contact, the microbes attach themselves at these active binding sites.

2. Inactivate
The positive-negative counteraction adversely causes glycoprotein layers (protein envelopes) of virus to disrupt subsequently, inactivating it.

3. Repetition
Upon disintegration, the virus falls off or can be easily removed through washing. The binding sites are now free to capture virus again. The mechanism is repeated offering continuous protection against not limited to virus, but also other harmful bacteria.

Prolexus R&D developed the techniques and condition of application through a series of systematic study on dosage optimization, processing parameters and fabric types, such that the sites stay intact even after 60 wash cycles. The technology continuously destroys microorganisms upon contact, diminishing the risk of transmission significantly.

In collaboration with European based textile chemicals company and various virology departments in academic institutions around the world, laboratory tests also showed inactivation of other deadly viruses such as H1N1 (Human Influenza A), H5N1 (Avian Influenza A), H7N9 (2013 Influenza A), RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and Mycobacterium terrae, as well. The anti-virus performance was >99% in all the cases. The dermatological testing demonstrated skin compatibility, making it safe for use.

Prolexus is confident that the utilization of the technology through ProXmask™ will reduce public risk of infection and help the world to fight the Covid-19 spread. The reusability of ProXmask™ makes it an eco-friendly, cost effective and a sustainable solution compared to the use of disposal masks.

With its anti-virus technology staying effective up to 60 wash cycles, the usage lifespan of one ProXmask™ will be equivalent to at least 120 disposal masks, bringing down the cost per usage of ProXmask™. Hence, Prolexus has successfully made a sophisticated anti-virus protective technology available for everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status. ProXmask™ protective features have passed the test conducted by various international accredited laboratories and marketed both, domestically and overseas.

Prolexus has aggressively responded to the unprecedented pandemic crisis through the development of ProXmask™ as one of its core products. The work on ProXmask™ is indeed a part of corporate social responsibility to assist the Malaysian community to fight against the pandemic. Prolexus aspires to deliver the best protective functional and reusable facemask to ensure effective protection for everyone against the virus.

Backed by its advanced ProX™ anti-virus technology, Prolexus is set to explore innovative market segments such as personal protective apparels, a new emerging sportswear category. Prolexus marketing is actively working towards serving prospective clients with interest in protective and functional activewears.

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