Friday 19 Jul 2024
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Honsin Apparel Sdn. Bhd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prolexus Berhad, is the first manufacturer in Malaysia to obtain product certification from SIRIM QAS International for its ProXmask™ based on the standard CWA 17553:2020 'Community face coverings - Guide to minimum requirements, methods of testing and use'. Prolexus aspires to deliver the best protective functional and reusable facemask to ensure effective protection for everyone against the virus.

"The market has an excessive supply of substandard facemasks. If you go into a store and buy a mask, you have no idea what you're getting. But if you go into a store and purchase a facemask with a SIRIM label with QR Code, you know you're getting an appropriate level of protection" said Dr. Harintharavimal Balakrishnan, Innovation and Development Manager of Prolexus Berhad.

The SIRIM certification marks another milestone in the quality reusable mask research and development and the company's commitment to meet global standards on protection during the pandemic and even daily use. ProXmask™ also carries CE marking for European Economic Area and US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered, with its performance testing conducted at various international accredited laboratories.

SIRIM QAS product certification outlines stringent requirements for manufacturing, design, and performance of the facemask which are able to withstand multiple cleaning and drying cycles.

Consumers are therefore strongly advised to buy SIRIM QAS certified reusable facemasks to ensure adequate protection against the transmission of viruses, bacteria, or infections. Low-priced substandard facemask will expose consumers to the risks of being infected with the virus. Apart from the absence of adequate filtration level, it may be made from materials that are unsuitable for our skin, causing allergy and infection.

When it comes to the testing and product certification, SIRIM QAS International Product Certification and Inspection Department's Senior General Manager, Puan Hajah Fauziah Fadzil said that its face mask testing and product certification process for manufacturers provides assurances of safety and reliability to users.

"Our testing and certification provides independent assurance that the products are manufactured under an effective system of testing, supervision, and control. Thus, there is improved production efficiency and reduced wastage and rejects. It also demonstrates product compliance with national or international standards, ensuring the product functions effectively and safely while enhancing reputation and extending marketplace by using the Product Certification MS certification mark and security SIRIM label on certified products as a marketing tool."

Prolexus specializes in textile and apparel manufacturing for global brands. Aside from the Group's vertically integrated manufacturing and innovation capabilities, Prolexus has expanded its design capability by offering a one-stop-solution to its customers.

If you're interested in learning more about the ProXmask™, please call 1700-81-8398 (within Malaysia), email to [email protected] or visit

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