Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Martell, the oldest of the Great Houses of Cognac, has stood as the standard bearer for extremely rare, complex and exceptional spirits since it was first founded in 1715. Now as part of its long-storied history, Maison Martell is showcasing its precious legacy in the form of the extraordinary Dame-Jeanne Collection.

Crafted for true aficionados, the highly limited collection serves as the next illustrious chapter for Martell, and it is undoubtedly a spirit meant for only a select few. Featuring an exceptional reserve of vintage eaux-de-vie and presented in finely crafted Dame-Jeannes, the collection is a physical embodiment of the rich heritage passed down throughout eight generations of cellar masters.

In creating the Dame-Jeanne Collection, the House painstakingly selected only the rarest and most precious eaux-de-vie from its extensive library. These prized vintage eaux-de-vie have spent decades maturing in fine-grained oak barrels housed within the Martell cellars and each has been aged to perfection in order to protect the delicacy of their aromas.

The most significant aspect in making the Martell Dame-Jeanne Collection lies in the expertise of the cellar master. After determining that the vintage eaux-de-vie have reached their aromatic maturity, these exquisite spirits are transferred to Dame-Jeannes to ensure their quality remains intact over time. More than a precious liquid in a beautiful bottle, the Dame-Jeanne is an experience in itself, providing a unique opportunity for a select few to live vicariously through the cellar master just as when he first experienced these prized vintages.

Artisanal masterpieces in their own right, these 11-litre glass demijohns were exclusively crafted to hold the collection’s very old cognacs. By protecting the eaux-de-vie from contact with the air, these glass flasks halt the ageing process, preserving their exceptional quality for many years to come.

Exceptionally rare

The new Dame-Jeanne Collection is enriched with four new offerings carefully selected by current cellar master, Christophe Valtaud. Crafted for true connoisseurs, these precious eaux-de-vie have been exclusively reserved for Maison Martell’s most prestigious blends. The Dame-Jeanne Collection, however, stands head and shoulders apart as it showcases the authentic expression of its terroirs along with their own distinctive, individual aromatic profile.

The release of the ultra-rare Dame-Jeanne includes vintages from 1952, 1959, 1968 and 1972, all of which contain eaux-de-vie so precious, that they bring true meaning to the term liquid gold. Each vintage boasts its own unique attributes and flavour profiles. However, the shared similarities include a distinctive strong character along with taste profiles that exude both finesse and elegance accentuated by wonderful aromatic richness and aromatic complexity.

Of particular interest to the Malaysian market is the 1968 Grand Champagne vintage, which is quite literally the last of its kind.  Offering infinite sweetness, delicacy, and freshness, the 1968 vintage boasts a perfectly balanced eaux-de-vie is characterised by its luminous golden copper hue. On the palate, this remarkable spirit offers notes of herbal tea, subtle mint, delicate wood, citrus fruit, and fleshy fruit.

For true cognac lovers

In revisiting the traditional Dame-Jeanne, Maison Martell harnessed the expertise of three French artisans. The creative hands of the carpenter sculpted the wooden mould, while a glassblower breathed life into the monumental flask.

Last but not least, a basket maker was engaged for the wickerwork in which to encase the Dame-Jeanne. Each piece is completely unique, made to order in the workshops of the Fondation d’Entreprise Martell in Cognac, and delivered with a certificate signed by Christophe Valtaud, solidifying its authenticity.

For collectors, the Dame-Jeanne stands as a true pièce de résistance in the world of fine cognacs. Each piece is not just unique in flavour and presentation, but also epitomises the highest level of savoir-faire.

The Dame-Jeanne Collection is available on special order, with prices available on request. For Malaysian connoisseurs, a single 1968 Grand Champagne vintage has been reserved for the market. For true cognac lovers and aficionados, it presents the opportunity to own a highly coveted and collectable Dame-Jeanne that is likely the last of its kind.

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