Sunday 14 Apr 2024
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In the historical heart of Johor Bahru, a quiet renaissance is unfolding. The city centre’s urban regeneration is reshaping the commercial hub around its rich legacy and a futuristic vision. Here, Quayside JBCC, a luxurious hospitality development consisting of serviced suites and a 4-star International Hotel, adds to the new story of Johor that is being slowly realised.

Food Culture

History Resurrected

Amidst the cacophony of urban developments, many forget that the true value lies in the stories etched in our streets, not just the brick and mortar behind the glistening skyscrapers. The streets of Johor Bahru still murmur tales of yore, of Chinese immigrants and a Gambier King, who shaped Tan Hiok Nee Street. It's in the midst of this historic charm that Quayside JBCC aims to amplify, turning nostalgic whispers into a destination.

Driven by a visionary developer, Bangsar Heights Pavilion, Quayside JBCC isn't just a project; it's a tribute. By integrating serviced suites, hotel and retail, Tan Hiok Nee Street is transformed from a relic of the past to a testament of what the future can hold.

Lively Backlanes

A Legacy Reimagined

The meticulous architectural design of Quayside JBCC is not just an ode to Johor Bahru's history, but also a beacon for its future. The intricacies of the gambier industry, once the lifeblood of the region, find a respectful nod in the modern external silhouette of the building.

An urban park with water features will uplift the surroundings, as will the landscaping, colonial shophouse exterior repainting and restoration for an approach that prioritises rejuvenation over mere construction.

Quayside JBCC is the harbinger of a novel tourism and retail experience, merging age-old charm with contemporary allure. The streets might be old, but the vision is fresh.

Bazaars & Markets

Tourism: The Next Chapter in Johor's Tale

Situated adjacent to the celebrated Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Walk, Quayside JBCC is not just another stop for tourists—it's a journey in itself. As Singaporeans and locals flock to experience this fusion of history and luxury, Johor Bahru is poised to reclaim its crown as one of the region's tourism jewels.

The impending completion of the Johor-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) and the Gemas-Johor Bahru Electrified Double Track (EDT) project adds to the ongoing infrastructural advancements.

Fashion Haven

Quayside JBCC: An Invitation to the Future

Quayside JBCC is more than an investment opportunity; it's a legacy and vision for Johor Bahru's future. Its blend of retail and commercial elements synergises with the hotel and serviced suites, revitalising the vicinity and attracting more visitors, thus creating a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding businesses.

"Our vision for Quayside JBCC extends beyond brick and mortar. We're crafting a symphony of experiences, a crossroads where the heartbeats of locals and the wanderlust of tourists harmonise. Building a destination Johorians can be proud of” says Aaron Yap, CEO, Bangsar Heights Pavilion Sdn Bhd.

Join us in scripting this transformative chapter. Let's craft history together.

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