Friday 19 Jul 2024
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Brownland Properties, a real estate agency that focuses on high end luxurious properties, is the appointed sole marketing agency for the much-anticipated Stellar Damansara super condo. 

An upmarket low-density condominium development comprising 88 units in Petaling Jaya slated to launch on 25th March 2023 developed by OCR GROUP BERHAD under their luxury series.

The RM187.9 million leasehold project is located on a 1.49-acre strip between SMK Damansara Jaya and Sungai Kayu Ara and its units come in built-ups ranging from 2,028 sq ft to 2,530 sq ft. There will also be two penthouses measuring 3,990 sq ft each.

According to Managing Director of Brownland Properties, Mr Tan Justin, Stellar Damansara is a very unique product in the market whereby we as the appointed marketing agency have worked hand in hand with the developer to innovate and solve most of the issues faced with super condominiums today. 

Our unique proposition for Stellar Damansara is based on market research to better fulfil the needs of homeowners. It is not very profitable for developers to provide high ceiling for condominiums as every 9 feet lost is potentially a whole floor of sellable units. However, we decided to address the issue where most developments would have a 9-10 feet ceiling height, Stellar Damansara boasts a 11 feet ceiling height which improves the living experience of the homeowner. 

Further to that, we decided that customisable layouts are important as every home buyer has a different need or design concept hence for Stellar Damansara prospective buyers are afforded the luxury of a tailor made uniquely for them. All units come with private lift foyers where it exudes privacy and grandeur, we also decided that all unit sizes are from a minimum built up size of 2000 sf to encourage genuine home owners. 

We believe with genuine home owners that buy for their own stay, the issues currently faced by the market today with smaller sized units will be mitigated. The issues faced with high density and smaller unit sized apartments are the investors selling and renting all at one go thus bringing down the resale value and rental income. This won’t be the case for Stellar Damansara as we expect 95% genuine home owners whereby supply will always be below demand and the quality of living will be improved. 

Our layouts are very interesting whereby it is approximately 31 feet in width and 92 in length thus making it even larger than a landed home. Further to this, Stellar Damansara boasts dual views, Ev charging stations, cross ventilation and multi-generational living, said Mr Tan Justin. With an ultra-low density of 88 units, Stellar Damansara is priced to sell. 

Prior to its official Launch, Prospective buyers are advised to make a purchase before the price adjustment on 25th March 2023.

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