Thursday 29 Feb 2024
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Homegrown platform developer Whizzl Sdn Bhd has introduced a free business visitor management system (BVMS) solution for business owners in Malaysia. It says in a press release that the app is aimed at businesses with a large number of customers to help them comply with the newly-imposed SOPs on contact-tracing.

Starting May 4, premises are required to record their visitors’ personal details as well as their date and time of visit. As this is still largely done manually, it can be difficult for premises with a constant stream of visitors to comply. 

Whizzl’s BVMS solution enables business owners to create their own community and generate a QR code for customers to scan. By scanning the code via the Whizzl app, customers will have their personal particulars saved automatically. 

All data will be saved in the back-end system and can be exported anytime. This allows business owners to act instantly on any urgent contact tracing needs. Whizzl is already offering this solution in Australia via a partnership with Bayswater & Beyond Chamber of Commerce. 

Paid subscribers of Whizzl Premium can enjoy additional analytics for greater engagement with their customers and communities. It also facilitates multiple unique selling propositions that will be beneficial for business owners in their marketing activities.

Founded in 2018, Whizzl is a location-based social feedback platform that is built on a community basis. It ensures that all feedback is directed to the relevant person so it can be meaningfully managed. Participants of a specific community can post any feedback on the platform, prompting the relevant authority or stakeholder to respond. 

The platform also has a Geo-Tag location feature that enables relevant agencies to track down the exact location of people or animals that need help, food or shelter. Some new features the company plans to launch includes Virtual Event, which will help event organisers to hold activities fully online to adapt with the “new normal”.

In 2019, Whizzl, the only representative from Southeast Asia, ranked top 4 out of 139 competitors of the Real Estate 2019 Competition in Switzerland. Whizzl was also selected to be in ReCoTech Finland, the biggest PropTech event in Northern Europe as part of Slush, the world’s leading tech start-up event. Early this year, Whizzl was voted by Microsoft as a Premium Qualified Startup for its social feedback app. 

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