Thursday 01 Jun 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR (March 17): The National Security Council has released a set of answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the nationwide Movement Control Order that will be enforced from March 18-31 to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.

Below are the key points:

1) Location and period: The Order is imposed nationwide, and is enforced at all times of the day during the aforementioned period.

2) All Malaysians are allowed to return to the country: But on the condition that the individual must undergo a check-up and undertake self-quarantine.

This is applicable for Malaysian students, as well as for Malaysians with foreign citizen spouse. The couple is allowed to enter Malaysia, on the condition that the couple must prove their marriage (via Malaysian or foreign registration).

3) For restaurants: Restaurants are open for take-away only, or through delivery services (think Grab Food, Food Panda).

4) For public transport: To operate as usual.

5) Replacement leave for schools: For schools, there is no replacement class for the leave. No mention of other institutions.

5) Leaving the house: Individuals are also allowed to go outside to a location quickly and briefly. This means the public can go out and restock daily essentials or to pick up relatives from work, and to return home immediately.

6) Foreign/out of hometown students: Students are encouraged to return home. Foreign students are advised to return to their home country, otherwise the student residing within an institution’s facility who choose to stay will have to inform the institution.

7) Malaysians working in Singapore: They are not allowed to go to their offices in Singapore, and are advised to inform their employers.

8) For foreign workers coming back to Malaysia: Only those working holding long-term pass and working in essential services industry are allowed to return to Malaysia during the Order period. A verification letter is required from the employer, to be shown to the Immigration Department at the point of entry into Malaysia.

8) For weddings: Solemnisation is allowed with a small number of attendance. For reception, it is advised for the ceremony to be postponed until the outbreak is deemed over.

9) What happens to my planned holidays?: Anyone with planned holidays during the curfew period are advised not to proceed with the holiday.

10) Refund for hotel bookings: The public are advised to communicate with the hotel management for refunds for bookings made prior to the announcement of the Order.

11) For the passing of Muslims: The deceased should be managed by the next of kin and the management of the nearby house of worship (mosque/surau). Conduct a funeral prayer without tahlil.

To read the FAQ provided in Malay, click here.

For more information on the Order, which was announced by the prime minister on March 16 (read the full announcement here), call the government's hotline at 03-8888 2010.

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