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54 Jalan Putra
50350 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (03)4045 2211
E-mail: [email protected] /[email protected]
Website: www.timelessdesign.com.my


Snuggled amidst the row of shop lots along Jalan Putra adjacent to the bustling Jalan Raja Laut, is the Timeless Design (Iconic) store. While the location may be rather unassuming, the store greets prospective buyers with an interesting selection of mid-century Scandinavian-inspired designs.

Sales and marketing director Mervin Lee explains that when store owner Jessie Ng started Timeless Design in 2007 together with operations manager Nick Lee, the store sold different types of home and office furniture but shortly after she decided to venture into the niche market of designer furniture, leading to the birth of this Timeless Design (Iconic) store in 2009. Today, Timeless Design (Urban), in Kepong, continues to sell modern home and office furniture, concentrating mainly on sofas and chairs. 

The store also has also established its presence in the northern region since 2012 with the Timeless Design (Heritage Store) in Georgetown, Penang, that offers a wide variety of furniture for the home and office. Its concept is similar to the Kepong store.

Working hand-in-hand with international furniture designers like Sean Dix and Alejandro Sticotti, the store takes pride in quality and attention to detail. “We encourage our customers to touch and feel the grain of the furniture surfaces,” says Mervin. And in describing the philosophy that forms the concept of the store, he adds, “We believe that the pieces we sell are not just furniture but a part of a person’s home and a reflection of his or her personality.”

In keeping with the type of furniture displayed in the store, the walls are kept simple and accessories at a bare minimal, for a clean and uncluttered look. Each floor either has white-washed walls or grey concrete ones lit up with soft yellow lighting. The pieces of furniture are the stars of the show here and they really do stand out against the concrete flooring and white or grey walls. 

Strategically placed rugs add to the feeling of warmth exuded by the wooden furniture. In some sections, the arrangements create little nooks that seem like they were taken right out of someone’s living room, giving customers an idea of how the items could fit into their own homes. The various layouts in the store show how individual pieces of furniture can be used together, for example the dining table paired with six different types of chairs to form a complete set.  


Customers are spoilt for choice as all three levels of the store are filled with a selection of furniture ranging from home, office and outdoor furniture to smaller decorative ornaments as well as floor and ceiling lighting. Stepping inside, one is quick to notice the wide array of chairs — the best sellers include the Mandarin chair, Guersen chair, Kennedy chair, Miran lounge chair and Jorge lounge chair. All the chairs are modeled to fit the human form so well that they are incredibly comfortable to sit on despite some of the quirky designs; you can even rest your legs, if you would like to, on one of the foot rests that complement some of the chairs for colour and design. Rocking chairs and bar stools are available too.

Wood is the key element of the furniture, although metal is present in some of the designs. Due to the natural grooves of wood, no two surfaces of furniture are the same. The items are sold on a per piece basis and can be personalised for wood selection, like birch, oak or walnut, as well as a choice between fabric and leather. Some of the pieces are painted in vibrant colours to cater to  those who would like to add some colour to their homes but prefer wooden furniture over plastic ones. The products also mirror the store’s emphasis on practicality with pieces that have multiple uses, for instance, a desk that also functions as a vanity table, equipped with a mirror that can be folded down.

Those in search of Scandinavian-inspired furniture may just find a suitable piece of furniture here. Timeless Design strives to provide customers with enduring pieces that can serve as a statement piece or be paired with other furniture designs to establish a personal style cherished by their owners for many years to come. 



This article first appeared in The Edge haven, on Issue #72 April + May 2015.

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