Monday 25 Sep 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 19): Technology startup Kambyan Network is aiming to empower the Malaysian agriculture sector with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems or drones.

Last weekend, Kambyan demonstrated its “AleX “ Airborne Laser Cutter (ALC) Mark 1 is the Laser Harvesting Drone at its “Just Drone It” event.

AleX is a prototype which has been researched and developed by Kambyan Network since 2018.

AleX was developed to solve the main issues faced by the Palm Oil plantation owners in Malaysia, namely harvesting.

Kambyan also showcased the Joyance Fertiliser Spraying Drone.

The firm is aiming to revolutionise the agriculture industry via the introduction of an entirely new digital agricultural system.

The company was founded a team of five, namely Captain Sudhir AK Kumaren, Ravan Saravanan, Suresh Kumar Chinnan, Captain Anand, and David Cirulli.

In a recent statement, Kambyan group executive director Captain Sudhir said it is now an age where new materials are enveloping and breaking all rules.

““To be relevant in this current time we need to create new paradigms ahead of time as life on earth would have totally evolved for compatibility with life on Mars or asteroids.

“It is coming and the Future is Now. So our training style and education systems must evolve, we cannot afford to be irrelevant,” he said.

He explained that Kambyan Network, through its training arm Adroit College has designed educational courses aimed to re-skill the current worker and up-skill interested young Malaysians.

Among the more popular ones are the Drone Operator & Robotics courses.

Androit College chief executive officer Fazdly Mislan said these Professional Certificate in Robotic Process Automation – Field Operations (RPA-FO) courses start with a 5-week intensive Workshop.

“Moving along, these students will be absorbed into on the job apprenticeship and internship program at Kambyan providing them with real world experiences to graduate with a Professional Certification in eleven (11) months,” he said.

Kambyan kicked off in 2018 with RM10 million from internal and angel investors to develop the technology for its digital agriculture solution.

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