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This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily on June 18, 2018

Taiwan’s outstanding research and development (R&D) achievements and excellent products such as automation in the country’s agricultural sector were featured at the 2018 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo from April 4 to May 13.

The event at Xinwu district in Taoyuan city — incorporating the idea of “Smart Technology, Green Life” — featured 23 pavilions with six main themes: “Smart Technology”, “Unique Industry”, “Cultural and Creative Arts”, “Local Life”, “Multiple Cultures” and “Sustainable Environment”.

It was organised by the Executive Yuan, Council of Agriculture (CoA), which was also the organiser of the “Taiwan Innovative Agricultural Machinery Pavilion” that was part of the expo.  

Within 2,100 sq m, nine affiliated agricultural research institutes and extension stations of the CoA, as well as 28 agricultural machinery companies, displayed their innovative R&D achievements and top-notch agricultural machinery.

A total of 62 agricultural machinery and R&D achievements were showcased in five major categories — “Special Crops and Tea”, “Vegetables, Flowers and Seedlings”, “Rice and Miscellaneous Grains”, “Fruit Trees” and “Greenhouses, Facilities and Equipment”.

The progress in agricultural machinery has been vital in the development of agricultural technology and cultivation efficiency in Taiwan.

Economical small machines like cultivators, mowers and sprayers as well as grain dryers, grain cooler silo system, and greenhouse environment control equipment, are touted for their quality.

Taiwan’s tropical agricultural technology is popular locally and abroad too.

This was evident at the expo, where large crowds were seen at the “Taiwan Innovative Agricultural Machinery Pavilion” showcasing the nation’s technological capabilities in agricultural machinery.

The pavilion was set up to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperations in agricultural technology.

Taiwan’s agricultural technology and agricultural machinery products make it a strong partner to domestic and foreign entities seeking to improve agricultural production efficiency, quality and output.

In addition, 25 manufacturers — members of Taiwan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association — exhibited their fine agricultural machinery for the export market.

This included an intelligent temperature control greenhouse, integrated sensor system, a drip irrigation and irrigation system, all introduced to visitors via demonstrations and other promotional activities.

Back at the Agricultural Machinery Hall, we were delighted to have discovered more unique machinery such as one built to cut a pineapple’s skin and another made to rip out fruit seeds.

Other attractions here included harvesting machines ideal for small farmers to harvest vegetables without incurring high labour cost.

However, these machines use environmentally friendly and energy-saving Li-Polymer battery.


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