Tuesday 16 Jul 2024
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KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 11): The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has updated its Investor Alert List.

In an alert on Tuesday (Aug 9), the commission said the following persons/entities had been added to the list:

  • The Crypto Public Trade
  • Syariah Saham

The Investor Alert List contains a list of unauthorised websites, investment products, companies and individuals, including:

  • Persons carrying on or holding themselves out as carrying on the following regulated activities without a licence from the SC:
    • dealing in securities
    • dealing in derivatives
    • fund management
    • advising on corporate finance
    • investment advice
    • financial planning, and
    • dealing in private retirement schemes
  • Persons operating a recognised market without authorisation
  • Persons issuing or offering securities without approval, authorisation or recognition
  • Persons misusing the SC's logo and misrepresenting the SC
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