Monday 17 Jun 2024
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KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 9): Samsung Electronics has added another genre-bending phone to its existing stable of premium foldable gadgets, namely the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip with a clamshell design. Touting significant multi-tasking upgrades that complement the many roles users juggle throughout their daily lives, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is a sleeker and smarter version of the inaugural model that started it all.

The folding screen feature has been one of the biggest tech narratives in 2020, and Samsung is well ahead of the curve in making it a durable and practical reality. Combining the portability of a smartphone and the flexibility of a tablet, the device seeks to provide a luxury mobile experience for business elites on the go.

Samsung has managed to increase screen real-estate without weighing down the body too much. Packed with two edge-to-edge, nearly bezel-less Infinity O-Displays, the Galaxy Z Fold2 sports a HD+ Super AMOLED 6.2-in cover screen and a massive 7.6-in QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED main screen with Ultra-Thin Glass, making them both larger than the previous Galaxy Fold.

That was the ultimate goal after all — users are supposed to be able to use the cover display for basic tasks without relegating to the full interior display. You could check your daily tweets in its smartphone form and switch to a bigger screen effortlessly when reading your favourite e-paper.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ octa-core processor, The Galaxy Z Fold2 also comes with a loaded spec sheet: 10MP selfie camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera, 12MP telephoto camera, 12GB RAM with 256GB internal storage, and 4500mAh dual battery.

If the first iteration of the foldable device was pretty rough around the edges, the third generation is a shining example of a polished sequel. Having paid close attention to customer feedbacks, Samsung has addressed most of the foldable phone’s initial shortcomings, as well as design flaws, particularly the hinge that was likely to wear over time.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 is now anchored by a Hideaway Hinge – fitted seamlessly into the device body with the ridge-shaped dual CAM mechanism – which shuts with a pleasing snap. The new free-standing capabilities mean you can position the device at different angles, whether it is being propped up to take selfies or carry out video calls, hands-free.

Samsung’s foldable predecessors have struggled with the collection of dust and debris in its hinges. However, the company’s top engineers found a solution inspired by vacuum cleaners, which sparked the idea for the sweeper technology in the Galaxy Z Fold2. Similar to the way fibres are used inside the cleaning home appliance, the soft nylon fibres in the new smartphones repel dirt particles by sweeping through the gap.

The smartphone industry is littered with a dizzying array of devices that have the same functionality at every conceivable price tier. Samsung, however, edges past its contenders with a suite of new software that provides incentives to users for a phone upgrade. For example, the Multi-Active Window in the Galaxy Z Fold2 improves your working capacity by opening multiple apps at the same time. Simply drag and drop text, images and documents from one app to another for instant transfer.

Users can also tailor the device’s tablet-sized main screen to fit in with their working style. The Optimised App Display will give you a productivity boost with an upgrade viewing experience of your favourite apps including Gmail, YouTube and Spotify.

Samsung, Google and Microsoft have paired up to push the boundaries of mobile innovation but the partnership is more than just a marriage of convenience. For the Korean conglomerate, the strategic collaboration with Google provided an integrated OS support from Android, while Microsoft fostered a greatly enhanced integration between Windows 10 PCs and the Microsoft 365 productivity suite.

Building on the longstanding legacy of the Galaxy leadership, Samsung also offers 5G benefits that would provide data transmission up to several hundred times faster than the current generation of cellular network technology. To make your working environment clutter-free, take advantage of the Samsung DeX wireless connection, as well as the Nearby Share function that speeds up photo, file and video sharing.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is available in Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze starting Sept 25, 2020. Pre-order begins Sept 11 at RM7,999. Customers who purchase the device during this period will be entitled to a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live worth RM699 and a Montblanc Card worth RM655.

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