Saturday 30 Sep 2023
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Modern television is so advanced these days you may run into terms or acronyms that sound like secret organisations. Whether it is HDR, OLED or LCD, the only alphabets that would be on everyone’s lips when purchasing a new TV this month are MICRO LED, Samsung Electronic’s mega-viewing experience that is now available in consumer version.

For the unfamiliar, MICRO LED was introduced in 2018 in the form of “The Wall” — a configurable system of modules that can reach an astounding 292” for a viewing experience like no other. Now, you can enjoy the same cinematic grandeur in a beautiful edge-to-edge screen with no professional assembly and installation required.

Several screen sizes will be launched consecutively, starting with 110” and 99” at the end of this month, 88” several months later and the smallest 79” in the near future. Bringing true-to-life picture quality, the MICRO LED boasts the 4Vue (or Quad View), which allows you to watch up to four sources of content simultaneously. You will never have to miss a nail-biting Roger Federer match while bingeing on Brooklyn Nine-Nine ever again.

Stepping up in size may seem like a sensible way to stretch your ringgit but an immersive viewing experience makes the communal activity of lounging before your favourite show all the more enjoyable. Samsung has developed the Neo QLED — powered by the company’s Neo Quantum Processor and new Quantum Mini LEDs — just for that, delivering an ultra-realistic picture with deep blacks, bright lights and upscaling technology smarter than any Samsung TV has ever offered.

The video game industry is literally pandemic gold since it notched record spending when most of us are holed up with our consoles at home. Tapping into our gaming sensibilities, the South Korean conglomerate’s renewed partnership with Xbox makes Neo QLED the perfect companion to the Series X. Not only Samsung has afforded us with details in 4K clarity (we are talking about silky-smooth 120 frames per second and a low 5.8ms response time here), it has partnered AMD to develop the first TV with Freesync Premium Pro support to optimise your HDR gaming experience.

Moreover, Samsung’s new Game Bar helps users quickly monitor critical aspects of their gameplay as well as access the Super Ultrawide Gameview, bringing ultra-wide aspect ratios — traditionally only available on gaming monitors — to the TV.

This year, Samsung Neo QLED’s 8K models will be available in 65”, 75”, and 85” sizes, while the 4K range will reflect a wider selection, starting from 50”.

If Samsung has defied the categorisation of art with “The Frame”, which transforms the TV into a work of art that can be personalised to spruce up your home’s aesthetic, the new year heralds novel ways of rotating your digital curation with new partnerships in the Art Store like NAVA Contemporary and Etsy. The refreshed “Frame” is only 24.9mm thick — about the same depth as an actual picture frame — and allows more customisations, from new mounting options like the Slim Fit Wall Mount to five bezel options.

Huddling in front of the TV is no longer limited to just the indoors. The weather-resistant with WiFi connectivity “Terrace”, which marked Samsung’s first outdoor TV, takes industry-leading picture performance from inside the home to your garden with the new 75” Full Sun model soon. But if you missed the theatre-going experience, especially since most cinemas are still closed, the aptly named “The Premiere”, featuring the industry’s first triple laser projector 4K resolution with minimalist design and fabric finish, is more than enough reason to break out the popcorn.

As hours blurred and our daily routine upended, the salient ramifications of the pandemic during this work-from-home era have become even more tangible. However, if you are telecommuting and helping your students reap the full benefits of distance learning, Samsung has introduced the Interactive Display FLIP 75-inch — a digital whiteboard you can write, draw and edit on. Designed to foster collaboration and increase productivity, the FLIP with 4K picture quality and easy-to-read visuals allows up to 20 people to work simultaneously and sync personal devices for real-time content sharing.

Of course, the downside to owning a TV with svelte and slim design is the lack of room for good speakers. Enter Samsung’s Q Series soundbar line-up, which includes exclusive Q-Symphony tech, syncing audio from the Samsung TV to deliver enhanced three-dimensional sound. The specs sheet will read like poetry to the discerning audiophile: the Q950A boasts the industry’s first 11.1.4 channel sound; a new Bass Boost allows users to amplify the sensation with a simple click; while the Tap Sound makes it convenient for you to play music from your mobile devices.

Although hand-held consumer electronics have been enjoying a perennial boom, there is no denying that smart TVs still pack a punch by constantly evolving outside of the box.

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