Thursday 01 Jun 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 22): The Malaysian workforce find the attractiveness of a potential employer commensurate with the salary and monetary related benefits the employer provides, says Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group (KellyOCG).

In its 2014 Kelly Global Workfoce Index (KGWI) survey) report titled ‘Executive Insights: Exploring Today’s World of Work’, as many as 93% of Malaysia-based employees surveyed cited salary and financial benefits as the main reason why they changed their jobs.

“This high regard for salary is lower in Asia Pacific where the average is at 86 per cent and globally it is at 84 per cent,” said KellyOCG in a press release today.

According to its vice president of Asia Pacific, Anthony Raja Devadoss, it has become extremely crucial now for organisations to adopt a human resource strategy that includes work-life balance and flexible work schedules, against such a backdrop.

“Imagine that if half of the happy satisfied employees in Malaysia are on the lookout (for jobs) on a daily basis, what does that tell you? Organisations in Malaysia need to drastically improve their human resource acquisition and retention strategies to engage ‘Empowered Workforce’,” he said.

He noted that over 60% of today’s workers globally spend at least one hour per week networking and establishing resources for new job opportunities.

“This behaviour does not necessarily signal dissatisfaction with a current employer because nearly half (47%) of employees admit they look for better career opportunities even when they are happy with their current job,” he said.

The survey also found that in Malaysia, 67% of employees surveyed would readily give up higher pay or career growth or advancement for a greater work-life balance. Meanwhile, 64% would be willing to give up higher pay and/or career growth or advancement for opportunity to learn new skills.

“Employees globally and in Malaysia are now more interested in non-traditional or flexible employment opportunities such as freelance or project-based works.

“While each industry and profession has its own parameters for what constitutes a flexible work opportunity, employing some flexible schedules at the workplace is a surefire way to attract, build loyalty and contentment among future and current employees,” Devados added.

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