Tuesday 27 Feb 2024
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PETALING JAYA (Sept 20): The Penang government previewed the Penang South Islands (PSI) project, which is aimed at catapulting the state and the nation's position as a global electrical and electronics (E&E) hub, at the 26th edition of the World Congress on Innovation & Technology (WCIT) held at Setia SPICE Convention Centre in Penang.

The Penang government believes that the 4,500-acre (1,821-hectare) PSI project is critical to the creation of a sustainable manufacturing hub, a one-stop centre for organisations to further cement business operations and synergise the industry. It added in a press release that the project has the ability to accelerate the growth of Malaysia's E&E and service industries.

The first island to emerge in the PSI project is Island A, also known as Silicon Island, which is a smart city with a Smart Green-Tech Park for high-technology manufacturing, research and development hubs and digital platforms, according to the statement. 

State executive councillor for infrastructure and transport Zairil Khir Johari, who noted that Penang's manufacturing industry's continued performance is vital to sustain foreign direct investment into the country, and strengthen local manufacturing and export capabilities, also said that PSI would encourage the entry of high-end industries and global businesses. 

“With the aim of building a city of the future, PSI will continue to encourage the entry of high-end industries and global business services to create a dynamic ecosystem that will [in turn] create high-paying, high-value jobs for the masses.The strategic approach to achieve this objective is to emphasise on building the right infrastructure to cater to needs of the E&E industry, while concentrating on realising our carbon-neutral ambition,” he said.

“PSI will play an active role to further raise the bar for Penang as a premier investment destination for global businesses by integrating advanced technologies for next-generation industries with eco-friendly master plans," he added.

An aerial view of Penang South Islands.

Meanwhile, according to Penang Infrastructure Corp chief executive officer Datuk Seri Farizan Darus, the PSI project is envisioned to be a hub for designing and developing high-value technology components, software development, embedded system design, product design and development as well as high-tech manufacturing. “Through this project, we aim to further expand our industrial sector with the hopes of assisting our current partners in bolstering their capabilities and providing exclusive job opportunities that are not meant to be labour-intensive.

“To also secure jobs within this sector for future generations, we have set certain activities in motion, such as tuition for students, especially those located in the southern part of Penang. This will not only accommodate the labour requirements of PSI, it will also allow Penang to retain its future talent, and attract more talent from the country and beyond,” he said.

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