Monday 22 Apr 2024
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KUALA LUMPUR (June 21): Malaysians are the top among five regional countries who felt online job websites were the most successful way to seek new jobs, according to 60% of 395 people surveyed by global recruiter Hays Plc.

In a statement today, Hays said 30% of Malaysians surveyed found personal networking, referrals or word of mouth effective for job finds while 10% said social media sites such as LinkedIn proved successful.

For employers, the findings prove the importance of having a broad attraction strategy in place, with an emphasis on online recruitment techniques, said Hays regional director in Malaysia Tom Osbourne.

However, the findings show there is still a significant place for referrals and word of mouth which also play a necessary role in attracting talent.

"The assumption that all jobseekers have moved online or to social media at the peril of traditional job search methods is not evidenced in the survey findings," he said.

However, as an Internet-savvy population, the use of technology in everyday lives in Malaysia is pervasive because much of people's lives are reliant on the Internet these days, from online shopping to online banking.

"It therefore doesn't come as a surprise that online searching is the number one most successful method of finding a job.

"Undoubtedly, the prevalence of online recruitment sites and the rise of job search aggregators mean they are an essential part of recruiters' and employers' methods to attract candidates," Hays said.

Meanwhile, Hays said Singapore came in second at 54% at online job search success method while 37% of Hong Kong respondents said personal networking was more successful, followed by 36% of Chinese respondents for the same.

The agency added that 21% of Chinese respondents rated social media as a successful avenue for job searching, closely followed by Japan's respondents at 17%.


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