Monday 22 Apr 2024
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KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 21): Government backbencher Datuk Dr Mansor Othman collapsed while debating Budget 2020 in the Dewan Rakyat this afternoon.

Mansor (PH-Nibong Tebal) was debating the government's expenditure plan for next year, before his speech slurred.

"I need to sit down," the 68-year-old former PKR Penang chief said before fainting.

He is currently at the onsite medical facility in Parliament.

Speaking to reporters, Wong Chen (PH-Subang), who was seated next to Mansor, said he noticed his PKR colleague was not feeling well when he fainted.

Dr Kelvin Yii (PH-Bandar Kuching), who was also at the scene, said MPs first made space for Mansor to lie down and one of the first things they did was to lift his leg.

"I think the main suspicion [for Mansor's fainting spell] is low blood pressure. Once we started to lift his leg, the blood started to flow back to his brain. He was conscious and he was alert," said Yii.

Yii, a medical doctor, said Mansor suffered a syncopal attack, more commonly known as fainting. He said Mansor will be sent to hospital for further tests.

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