Friday 14 Jun 2024
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SINGAPORE (July 11): Online introverts, especially those based in Singapore, are missing out on a slew of job opportunities available on the Internet, according to recent study findings by LinkedIn. 

Entitled Networking Your Way In, the online survey was conducted from Feb 6 to March 18 this year among 15,905 LinkedIn members across 17 countries including Singapore, which was represented by over a thousand professionals across various industries.

In a press release on Tuesday, the business- and employment-oriented social networking service highlights how 82% of Singaporeans surveyed consider networking to be important for their career success — significantly higher than those surveyed in Hong Kong (76%), as well as the global average of 79%.

45% of the city state’s respondents also said that keeping in touch with their professional network was instrumental to securing their current job, higher than statistics for Hong Kong and the global average at 44% and 37%, respectively.

Notably, LinkedIn believes its members have found value in engaging with their professional network online.

For instance, 54% of Singapore’s respondents say they received a job introduction through a casual conversation on LinkedIn, while 52% secured a job because they knew someone at the company prior to their employment there.

Despite these results, it is also Singapore’s respondents who appear to the most awkward with maintaining these connections, as 47% say they find it difficult to stay in touch with their professional network, above Hong Kong (46%) and the global average of 38%.

When asked why, 51% of Singapore participants said it was because they didn’t know what to say, while half (50%) maintained that they didn’t know how to reconnect.

“Networking your way in by investing time on your professional network has proven to be rewarding for many in Singapore,” says Linda Lee, LinkedIn head of communications, Southeast Asia and North Asia.

“The right opportunity doesn’t always present itself when we’re looking for them, but on the other hand, we might be one connection away from a dream job, business deal or partnership. Building meaningful connections [and] engaging with your professional network helps ensure that you don’t miss out on such opportunities,” advises Lee. 

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