Thursday 28 Sep 2023
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(April 10): Datuk Seri Najib Razak's interview on private television station TV3 has been a talking point among Twitter users since last night, with many asking why the session had to be pre-recorded and not aired live.

Another agreement among social media users was that there should be a debate between Najib and former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who recently took the prime minister to task over the controversial issues surrounding debt-ridden strategic development company 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Twitter user Penghasut Rakyat using the handle @PutraREFORMASI had this to say: “Najib penakut...Pre recorded, don't dare to be on live tv..Dah prepare questions and answers...That means he got something to hide.”

Another user, Rauff Jinx #13, going by the handle @achmedrauff posted: “Courage? Firstly its recorded. Secondly definitely scripted. My 3 year old acts better in front of the camera #PMSpeaks.”

SyamimRashidi, using Twitter handle @sir_msr, said: “We need real debate, NOT scripted interview.”

Another Twitter user, Wong Shu Qi posted: “Why Najib explain #SeditionAct thru TV? why can't he go to parliament to defend his government's stand? or afraid to debate w/ opp MP?”

DAP's Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming was not to be left out from the chatter on Twitter, where he questioned Najib's reluctance to face Dr Mahathir: “Najib muncul di TV3 atas program yang direkodkan sebelum siaran. Soalnya: mengapa tidak berani berhadapan dengan Tun Dr M.”

(Najib appeared on TV3 in a pre-recorded programme. The question is: why is he not brave enough to face Tun Dr M.)

Twitter user Sangetha Jayakumar, using the handle @SangethaJ, was among those who hoped to see a live debate between the former and current prime minister, posting: “This would be awesome if the interviewer was DrM. Or better still a live debate between the 2.”

Another user, using the Twitter handle @MatNoIsmail, said: “I also wish Tun M and DS Najib FTF debate, questions and answers session. The thing is Najib will never ever do debate.”

This was echoed by Erizandria Queen, who tweeted using the handle @Erizandria: “Must have a session with Mahathir and Najib asking each other questions. Barulah best. Real debate.”

Another user, @hafizshasim, had this to say of the interview: “Najib touches on every issue but as expected,no concrete answer. Efforts appreciated but expect more Mahathir bullets.”

Twitter user Rocky's Bru, going by the handle @xrockybrux, posted: “Thank you DS Najib Razak for responding to most if not all the questions posed by Tun Mahathir. I hope the Tun is happy with your answers.”

Just Hariz, @harizrhisham, meanwhile, had this to say: “Najib coming out with his recent ‘interview’ shows just how vulnerable his position as PM is right now.”

There were also voices of support for Najib, with user +Yazid Atan?
@yazidatan posting on Twitter: “PM Najib did a very good job on #PMSpeaks. Never mind the nay-sayers. Haters will be haters. We are behind u sir @NajibRazak! All the way.”

There were also the fun tweets, like the one by Huzaifah,
using the handle @huzaifah, who posted: “I wish there is a live debate session between TUN M and Rosmah.”

In the interview aired last night, Najib addressed among other issues the Altantuya case, denying that he anything to do with the murder and asserting that he had already sworn that he did not know the Mongolian woman.

He also said that 1MDB had not parked money in the Cayman Islands, an issue that was recently raised by Dr Mahathir in his criticism against Najib.

The prime minister had been pressured to explain the situation with 1MDB which recorded RM42 billion in debts over the past few years.

On Thursday, Dr Mahathir criticised him for failing to answer simple questions on 1MDB and the murder of Altantuya. - The Malaysian Insider

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