Saturday 20 Jul 2024
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Medcare International is now offering new and existing vendors on its e-commerce platform free-of-charge listings in an effort to help the Malaysian economy recuperate in a shorter amount of time.

Launched on May 21 this year, Medcare International ( is an online e-commerce platform based in Southeast Asia, wholly owned by Trainer-Asia Sdn Bhd. It aims to provide customers medical, health and wellness products and devices at affordable prices.

“With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many small business owners are affected and have turned to online selling as an avenue to stay afloat,” says Alan Hoo, founder and executive director of Medcare International.

“However, many of these online platforms charge a fee to list or have a portion of the sales to be commissioned off, and this directly affects the business owner’s bottom line. The current economic situation bears down heavily on many individuals and companies, with most seeing the bulk of their income drying up due to less demand.”

Hoo stresses that this new policy is not a temporary measure, and is set to be a permanent part of the company’s business model. He believes that starting an e-commerce business should never be a burden for small and micro-entrepreneurs, and it should not be costly.

Vendors who are interested in registering on the platform can go to

Hoo claims that Medcare International is currently the largest online platform in Southeast Asia that specializes in medical, health and wellness products, as there are no other online marketplaces operating in this niche.

Currently, Medcare International has over 6,500 items listed on the e-commerce platform, and the number of vendors is increasing every day. Medcare International is also offering its own branded products on the e-commerce platform.

Its product line includes anti-blue light spectacles, UV-C light virus killer and a joint rehabilitation and physiotherapy device that utilizes soft-laser acupuncture technology to assist individuals suffering from joint pain.

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