Friday 14 Jun 2024
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KUALA LUMPUR (July 23): A majority of Malaysian organisations are concerned about their growing attack surface.

The attack surface is the number of all possible points, or attack vectors, where an unauthorised user can access a system and extract data.

In its recently released Global Risk Study 2022, cloud security provider Trend Micro Incorporated said that in Malaysia, the study revealed that:

  • 40% admitted the digital attack surface is “spiralling out of control”, with only 51% able to fully define its extent
  • 71% had blind spots that hamper security, with cloud environments cited as the most opaque
  • on average, organisations surveyed have just 59% visibility of attack surface
  • 75% claimed that being an international enterprise that spans multiple jurisdictions makes managing the attack surface harder.

According to the study’s findings from over 6,000 IT and business decision makers across 29 countries, organisations struggle to define and secure an expanding cyber-attack surface, hampering risk management efforts.

Trend Micro managing director, Malaysia and nascent countries Goh Chee Hoh said IT modernisation over the past two years was a necessary response to the ravages of the pandemic, but in many cases, it unwittingly expanded the digital attack surface, giving threat actors more opportunities to compromise key assets.

“A unified, platform-based approach is the best way to minimise visibility gaps, enhance risk assessments, and improve protection across these complex, distributed IT environments,” said Goh.

Meanwhile, Trend Micro vice president, Southeast Asia and India Nilesh Jain said, “Trend Micro’s platform approach is the product of 30 years of experience and innovation in cybersecurity.

“By providing cutting-edge technology to help businesses discover the ever-changing attack surface, assess, and prioritise the most pressing risks and vulnerabilities, and subsequently mitigate them, business leaders in Malaysia can focus on driving their business forward, without worrying about security.

“This is what it means to be truly resilient,” said Jain.

Trend Micro also has formalised a partnership with its Vision One SOC-as-service partner LifeTech Group to deliver dedicated end-to-end support for businesses in Malaysia.

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