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This article first appeared in Digital Edge, The Edge Malaysia Weekly on May 23, 2022 - May 29, 2022

Heartbreak is part and parcel of romance, and sometimes even in platonic relationships, with both parties having to go through a life-changing period of accepting the loss of the other person and moving on with a fresh outlook on life.

To do so, there are a variety of apps and online platforms that can be your guide on the different aspects of your breakup journey, as you experience the highs and lows of love, loss and rediscovering your identity.


1 Dealing with grief


After the breakup, you are at your lowest and feel as if the pain will never end. Once you are ready to let go, take the first step to recovery by seeking help through counselling.

Online counselling is becoming easily accessible and more affordable. Mental health therapy platforms such as Cara Cara provide online and in-person therapy sessions from as low as RM50.


2 Relapsing after listening to songs you used to listen to with your ex


After some time in therapy and thinking all is right in your world again, you might log on to Spotify and stumble on a song that you used to listen religiously to with your former partner.

This can cause a massive spiral, with you going through playlist after playlist of songs that remind you of the other person as you cry yourself to sleep. Worry not, this is where online counselling will help you. As you continue your sessions, you will slowly but surely get out of the funk.

Eventually, you find a song — one that you used to listen to before your former partner or friend was in your life — and you have a breakthrough that your taste in music has been yours all along. With Spotify, you can set up a playlist to commemorate this and fill it with songs that make you you.


3 Getting back on your feet, and finding yourself


Once you get out of the relapse-fuelled bingeing on sad music, you realise that you need to get out of the rut. One of the best ways to do this would be through meditation, which would allow you to dive deep into your psyche and find the person you truly are.

Headspace, a science-backed meditation and mindfulness tool, positions itself as your mind’s best friend. With this tool, you will feel relaxed in no time, break down your walls and find what truly makes you happy.


4 Reclaiming your identity


After the breakup, you have been cooped up in your home with only your thoughts for company, fearing to go out in the event you bump into your former partner in crime. You have been missing out on all of your favourite food from your favourite restaurants just because you used to frequent them together.

Now is the time to reclaim your identity and go back to your favourite restaurants. With the Zomato platform, you will be able to search for new restaurants, or book and make payments at your favourite restaurants.


5 Moving on and accepting that you can love again


You are now at peace with yourself. You have bumped into #thepersonyouoncewantedtoavoidbyallmeans and didn’t turn into a bumbling mess, and you realise that you had gone a long time without thinking about the person. You are in a good place in your life, feeling confident and secure, and you can now look back fondly on the relationship and cherish the memories that were created together.

If you are ready to get back into dating, some apps provide a platform to meet people conveniently. Bumble is a social network that empowers you to make meaningful connections, where women are required to make the first move, leaving traditional dating methods in the past where they belong.

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