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This article first appeared in Digital Edge, The Edge Malaysia Weekly on December 12, 2022 - December 18, 2022

It’s that time of the year again when we have to wrack our brains for the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family. Fret not, here is our annual Tech Gift Guide, where there’s something for everyone!


1. For the bookworm

a. Kindle Whitepaper

This digital e-book tablet is still a favourite among avid readers. Kindle’s latest iteration of the Whitepaper is already on the market, but only available for pre-order in Malaysia. You can still get the 2022 version of the tablet in the US. Alternatively, previous versions of the Kindle, which are in stock, are now cheaper to acquire.

Price: From RM500



2. For the interior decorator

a. Philips Hue Smart LED Lightstrip

Providing lighting for every mood, the lightstrip brings colour and ambiance to any room in the house and can be controlled using Bluetooth. Whether it’s the kitchen cabinets or living area, this little strip of light adds dimension and character to any room.

Price: RM359


b. A portable printer

Photos can add a personal touch to any room, whether it’s in a frame on a side table or in a collage on a photowall. Nevertheless, a portable printer will make decorating any room a little bit easier, whether it’s to showcase a recent memory or to be used as a tool to decorate a living space.

Price: From RM220

Website: Various types and brands available on Shopee and Lazada


3. For the beauty stylist

a. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

The Rolls Royce of hair dryers, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is something every girl would want in her vanity kit. With precision technologies for long-lasting hair styles and a picture-perfect do, the hair dryer will definitely win the hearts of your loved ones.

Price: From RM2,299


b. Custom lip colour creator kit

Imagine having the ability to create any lip colour you fancy. Well, you now can with Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Sur Mesure custom lip colour creator! The gadget went viral on TikTok earlier in the year and featured mostly pink and nude colours. There are other lip creators on the market, such as the Lipskit by GoPlay Cosmetics, but it is currently only available for pre-order.

Price: From RM312

Website: and


4. For the wine connoisseur

a. Electric wine gift set

Why huff and puff while trying to uncork a wine bottle with a regular corkscrew when electric alternatives are available? All you need to do is place the device on the lip of the wine bottle and press the button for quick and easy uncorking. Many electrical brands have a version of this, even Xiaomi! Some sets come with an artificial cork to keep your bottle of wine fresh after opening.

Price: From RM30

Website: Various types and brands available on Shopee and Lazada


5. For the one who is always looking for a power bank

a. Wireless charging station

We all have that one friend whose phone battery bar is always red because they forgot to charge their phone or perhaps forgot to turn on the charger altogether. A wireless charger might be just the gift they need to keep their devices charged and ready for a night out!

Price: From RM80

Website: Various types and brands available on Shopee and Lazada

b. Lipstick power bank

Lipstick has served as a personal armour for women needing a little confidence boost for aeons. But in this age, a mini battery pack with enough juice — usually under 5,000mAh — to fully recharge most smartphone batteries once (and fit snugly in the pocket of your skinny jeans) is far more sensible, especially one that would come handy when your phone battery is just about to die during a selfie.

Price: RM80

Website: Various types and brands available on Shopee and Lazada


6. For the constant note taker or doodler

a. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Do you have a friend who prefers to write in physical notebooks but always misplaces it when they want to access what they have written down? The Moleskine smart writing set may be a good gift as its pages are able to synchronise with any digital device, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Price: RM1,130



7. For the coffee (or tea) addict

a. Temperature control smart mug

The first sip of coffee in the morning can be ruined if it is scalding hot, but leaving it out too long might result in the beverage being too cold and unenjoyable for consumption. A temperature-controlled smart mug might help! There are different types available — for travel, to be plugged in in the car or to be kept on the desktop — but most products are only available in the US at the moment. Ember and East Mount seem to be the best-reviewed smart mugs on the market.

Price: From RM210



8. For those who need a little help around the house

a. WiZ smart plug

Whether you’re forgetful when it comes to turning off plugs and appliances or need a little help to reach them, a smart plug is a good solution as it can make any socket smart. Just plug in your ordinary light or appliance and you’ll be able to control them with your smartphone. With schedules, you can turn devices on and off to fit your daily routine and save energy.

Price: RM78


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