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KUALA LUMPUR (June 1): The mother of late minister Tan Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis has filed another suit against her two grandchildren over alleged fraud committed against her during the administration of the deceased's assets.

Aminah Abdullah, 87, who is the plaintiff, filed the suit at the High Court registry here on May 21 through Messrs Wan Marican, Hamzah & Shaik, Solicitors. The suit named the deceased's eldest daughter Nur Anis Jamaluddin and son Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin as the first and second defendants.

The suit also named law firm Messrs Wong Lu Peen & Tunku Alina, lawyer Liza Chan Sow Keng of Liza Chan & Co, and Commissioner for Oaths Tengku Fariddudin Tengku Sulaiman as third, fourth and fifth defendants respectively.

Chan is now a judicial commissioner in the High Court Commercial division. She also testified in the trial for the first suit earlier this year.

According to the writ of summons sighted by today, the defending parties are said to have collaboratively engaged in fraud, fabrication, fraudulent concealment, misconduct and/or breaches of law to deprive of the plaintiff's right, as a beneficiary, to a fair and proper administration of the inheritance.

In this suit, Aminah is seeking to remove both Nur Anis and Ikhwan Hafiz as administrators of the estate given sufficient cause, and for fraud. The sufficient cause includes wilful delay to distribute the estates, wrongful attempt to deprive the plaintiff of her entitlements, as well as their misconduct in obtaining the plaintiff's renunciation.

Chan and Tengku Fariddudin were said to have fraudulently colluded to unlawfully certify and fabricate the impugned letter of renunciation's sworn status.

The letter, according to Aminah's statement of claim, was initiated by her two grandchildren to be executed, asserting that it was necessary for purposes of carrying out administration according to the Islamic law of inheritance (faraid).

However, Aminah claimed that she was not fully explained of the contents and consequences of the letter, and that the "sijil faraid" had in fact been obtained.

As such, Aminah contended that she was ought to be appointed administrator of Jamaluddin's assets to ensure the due and proper accounting and distribution in accordance with law, as well so that the first two defendants may no longer hold distribution at bay or abuse court processes to do so.

Aminah also demanded an order for general damages against defendants, as well as an order for exemplary damages against the third to fifth defendants, among others.

It is worth noting that this is the second suit initiated by Aminah against her two grandchildren in relation to the dispute over Jamaluddin's wealth.

In the first suit, filed back in February 2019, Aminah was asking the court to declare that she was Jamaluddin's lawful mother, and hence a beneficiary of his estate and had an interest in the shares of Rantai Wawasan Sdn Bhd, Alpine Motion Sdn Bhd and Ivory Insights Sdn Bhd.

The shares of Rantai Wawasan, Alpine Motion and Ivory Insights have a combined value of RM1.35 billion. Aminah was claiming one-sixth of the value of these shares, based on the faraid principle.

It was said that Nur Anis and Ikhwan Hafiz had failed to include the shares from the three companies in the list of assets in the letters of administration.

The High Court had previously fixed June 15 for Justice Datuk Mohd Firuz Jaffril to deliver his verdict on this suit.

Jamaluddin, formerly the member of Parliament for Rompin, had served as the second finance minister, minister of science, technology and innovation, and Malaysia's ambassador to the United States.

Known to be a close confidante of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, he was killed in a helicopter crash along with Najib's principal private secretary Datuk Azlin Alias in April 2015.

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