Thursday 21 Sep 2023
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While a person’s grades and choice of degree are great things that show their capability for a job, it is not all that matters. When Hyperlab was developing its Smart Interviewer platform, it found that these metrics often represent an outdated way of thinking.

“People come from different backgrounds and have different experiences. We should not limit ourselves to a narrow world view as this could hinder growth and innovation [within] the organisation. We believe that a data-led hiring strategy that focuses on measurable traits, such as critical thinking and digital-literacy, offers a more effective way for organisations to hire the best talent,” says Chris Greenough, chief marketing officer of Everise.

When the Movement Control Order (MCO) became a reality, Greenough says the company looked at how it could assist companies during the adjustment of working from home. Remote interviews are a new skill that talent acquisition teams will need to learn, which, fortunately, is something the Smart Interviewer excels at. And in light of the MCO, the company is offering the platform for free until the end of 2020.

“We wanted to offer a gesture of goodwill to our regional community as we all adjust to this new normal,” he says.

The free access to the Smart Interviewer platform is not limited by region and is offered globally. Greenough says currently the company is expecting about 10 companies to take up the offer. “We have a few companies from around the Asean region that have expressed interest and are looking at how they can integrate the system into their interviewing process.”

“Our main goal with this offer is to introduce AI to more organisations as an intelligent tool that can help them through uncertain times. Employment is a critical part of keeping our economy in motion and we want to help in the best way we can.”

Smart Interviewer helps take the bias out of the interview process, making talent acquisition teams focus on the performance of the candidate, rather than preconceived notions about portions of their resumes. Greenough says through Smart Interviewer, the company has proven that there is no correlation between common recruiter filters, such as the university attended and the degree obtained, and a candidate's quality.

Candidates found the platform easy to use as well, Greenough adds, as they could access it through their smartphones. Many also shared that it took the stress out of the interview process because the platform allows candidates to respond via text, video or voice, empowering them to present their best self.

“They also found that the system has a clear flow and after uploading their documents the platform prompted them to move effortlessly through the interview process,” he says.

“Our platform has produced results for leading enterprises, such as Hong Leong Bank, enabling them to cut through hours of screening call time and focus on the candidates who matter.”

Hyperlab, a Southeast Asian conversational AI company, is going through a rebranding exercise and changing its name to Everise DX as it grows beyond the region and starts working with clients in the US and Japan.

Under normal circumstances, the Smart Interviewer platform is offered in 3 bundles: US$200 for screening 200 candidates, US$475 for 500 candidates and US$900 for 1000 candidates. For more information about the platform and to take up the offer, visit

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