Friday 12 Apr 2024
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These are the key takeaways of the National Recovery Plan announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

  • The National Recovery Plan is a four-phase exit strategy from the Covid-19 crisis
    • The strategy of National Recovery Plan is based on three indicators:
      • Covid-19 transmissions among the community based on the number of daily Covid-19 infections
      • Capability of public healthcare system based on the bed utilisation rate in intensive care unit (ICU) wards
      • How much of the population is protected against Covid-19, based on the percentage that has received two doses of vaccines
  • The first phase of the plan entails the implementation of the full movement control order (FMCO) in light of the high Covid-19 cases, critical state of the healthcare system and low vaccination rate
  • The government will then consider shifting into phase two of the plan if:
    • Average daily Covid-19 cases fall below 4,000
    • The healthcare system is no longer at a critical stage, with ICU bed usage returning to moderate levels
    • 10% of the population has received two doses of Covid-19 vaccines
  • Restrictions include:
    • Economic activities reopening in phases, with up to 80% of workers allowed onsite
    • Only certain sectors will be allowed to operate. The government will add more sectors to the current list, such as
      • Cement manufacturing to support construction activities
      • Sales of computers and electronic devices to cater for those who work from home
    • No social activities and interstate travel allowed.
  • In phase three, all economic activities except for those with high risk of Covid-19 transmissions and involving large gatherings will be allowed to resume. The government will consider shifting to phase three if:
    • Average daily Covid-19 cases fall below 2,000
    • The healthcare system is operating at a comfortable level, with ICU bed usage reduced sufficiently
    • 40% of the population has received two doses of Covid-19 vaccines
  • The government expects to achieve these indicators in August
  • All economic sectors will continue operating at 80% capacity
    • Manufacturing activities will be allowed, subject to SOPs and capacity limits. However, companies may be allowed to operate fully if workers have been vaccinated.
    • Banned activities where physical distancing is not possible include holding conventions and reopening pubs, spas and beauty salons.
  • Sports and social activities may resume in stages
  • Muhyiddin commits to Parliamentary sessions commencing around September/October in accordance with strict SOPs
  • The government will consider moving on to phase four, or the final phase, when:
    • Average daily Covid-19 cases fall below 500
    • The healthcare system is at a safe level, with ICU bed usage at a sufficient level
    • 60% of the population has received two doses of Covid-19 vaccines
  • These numbers may be achieved by October, based on forecasts by the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme
  • All economic sectors may reopen and daily activities may resume, with more social activities allowed, interstate travel allowed and domestic tourism permitted, subject to strict SOP compliance
  • During this phase, Covid-19 cases are low, the public healthcare system is at a safe level, while herd immunity has been achieved — at year-end by the latest
  • The government may move on to the next phase if all three indicators are achieved at an earlier time
  • The government is expecting an additional 16 million doses at the end of July, which coupled with the higher daily vaccination rate gives the government confidence in executing the National Recovery Plan
    • The government aims to administer 300,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines per day in the coming months
  • The MCO 3.0 costs the government RM1 billion a day
  • If the government did not impose MCO 3.0, Covid-19 cases may rise to 13,000 a day, causing the healthcare system to collapse
  • The government is mulling Covid-19 vaccinations for children aged 12 years and above
  • PM: "Our success in achieving herd immunity depends on how many people in this country receive their vaccine."
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