Friday 01 Mar 2024
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These are the key takeaways of the National People’s Well-Being and Economic Recovery Package (PEMULIH) announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

  • Govt unveils PEMULIH stimulus package worth RM150 billion, fiscal injection of RM10 billion
  • B40 households to receive RM500 from the government in August and RM300 in December; B40 singles to receive RM200 in August
  • M40 households to receive RM250 in August; M40 singles to receive RM100 in August
  • Govt to give RM500 assistance to those who have lost their jobs, based on EPF, SOCSO data
  • Govt allocates RM300,000 to MPs for food basket assistance to help affected groups in their respective constituencies
  • Govt allocates RM10 million for food basket programme for indigenous peoples
  • Extension of electricity bill discounts for affected economic sectors for another three months — 10% discounts for October to December electricity bills
  • An electricity bill discount of between 5-40% for domestic users — in accordance with electricity usage up to a maximum of 900kwh per month — worth RM346 million, to be given for three months
  • RM18m allocation for local banks to provide 30 mobile banks nationwide
  • Micro SMEs to receive additional assistance of RM500 in September and RM500 in November
  • Govt to remove RM4,000 limit for salary subsidy programme, to provide salary subsidy of RM600 per worker for four months
  • Additional RM100 million under SME Digitalisation Grant for SMEs and micro SMEs to get matching grants of up to RM5,000 for purchase or subscription of digital systems
  • One-off RM3,000 assistance to be given to sports facilities' operators
  • Govt to allocate RM100 million to assist those in the creative arts sector
  • Financial assistance of RM500 per month over three months for the disabled
  • RM3,000 special assistance to be given to 4,400 nursery operators 
  • Govt procurement procedures to be eased, variation of price to be allowed for projects affected by higher building materials cost
  • Syarikat Jaminan Pembiayaan Perniagaan Bhd (SJPP) government guarantee scheme limit to be increased by RM20 billion
  • Govt to allow withdrawal of RM1,000 per month for five months under EPF's i-Citra 
  • Targeted moratorium for three months for PTPTN borrowers
  • Affected insurance and takaful policyholders can apply for deferment of payment by opt-in until December 2021
  • Six-month postponement for repayment of JPA federal student loans; similar postponement for federal scholarship recipients' compensation claims
  • Six-month moratorium for all individual borrowers and micro entrepreneurs — no documentation needed as all applications will be automatically approved
  • Govt to allocate RM400 million to increase national vaccine supply to cover 130% of the population, from previous targeted 120%
  • Govt to allocate RM200 million for 29 new vaccination centres and to upgrade existing ones, as well as to introduce drive-through vaccination centres, mobile vaccination centres and to fund outreach home-to-home vaccination programmes
  • There will be RM150 million allocation for public-private partnership immunisation programme (PIKAS)
  • Allowance for volunteer frontliners to be increased to RM100 from RM50 per day, for those on duty for more than 12 hours per day starting June 2021
  • Govt has agreed to postpone monthly income tax instalment payments for companies and waive tourism, services taxes for hotel operators until year-end
  • RM3,000 'one-off' assistance for more than 5,300 registered travel agencies to help them revive their businesses when the country moves to Third Phase of PPN
  • One gigabyte of free daily data extended until Dec 31 with an estimated value of RM500 million, benefiting 44 million users
  • Govt announces Covid-19 Special Aid (BKC) with RM4.6 billion allocation
  • Govt implements price control based on crude palm oil threshold value to check price increase in 1kg-5kg bottled cooking oil
  • Govt continues to maintain the retail price of RON95 petrol, diesel and LPG, which is expected to involve a subsidy of more than RM6 billion this year
  • Govt widens psychosocial support through channels like "talian kasih" and RM15 million allocation to NGOs to combat social issues
  • Allocation of RM125 million through HRD Corp to implement "place and train" initiative under the Janapreneur programme
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