Monday 02 Oct 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR (May 3): Foreign investors continued to be net sellers of local equities for the week ended April 30, which saw the outflow amounting to RM376.46 million — lower than RM490.3 million in the previous week, according to MIDF Research.

As the market reopened last Monday, the research house said foreign investors bought RM150.03 million net of local equities, with retailers and local institutions both as net buyers and net sellers to the tune of RM14.65 million and RM164.69 million respectively.

“Foreign investors were net sellers every day except on Monday. The largest foreign outflow was recorded on Tuesday at RM229.6 million and the smallest outflow was on Wednesday at RM80.02 million. The only inflow recorded amounted to RM150.03 million.  

“As for retailers, they were net buyers every day. The largest net buying by the retailers was recorded on Tuesday at RM137.78 million and the smallest net buying was on Monday at RM14.65 million. Cumulatively, for the week, retailers net bought RM329.34 million worth of equities on Bursa [Malaysia],” said MIDF in its weekly fund flow report.

Meanwhile, local institutions' cumulative weekly inflow was to the tune of RM47.11 million.

“Since the beginning of 2021, cumulatively, retailers were the only net buyers of our equity market to the tune of RM6.01 billion. Local institutions and foreign investors were net sellers to the tune of RM3.14 billion and RM2.87 billion respectively.

“In terms of participation, retail investors, local institutions and foreign investors recorded a weekly increase of 12.66%, 5.93% and 14.86% respectively in average daily trading value (ADTV),” MIDF added.

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