Saturday 24 Feb 2024
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Updates on the funds:

The Edge Covid-19 Fund starts sending supplies to hospitals
The Edge Covid-19 funds touch RM19.2m

• RM15.55 million raised over the weekend
• RM8.3 million to buy medical equipment
• RM7.25 million to assist health care workers who are infected by Covid-19 in the line of duty

KUALA LUMPUR (March 23): The Edge Media Group is rallying Corporate Malaysia to make monetary contributions to support the fight against the Covid-19 virus health crisis.

As the country’s medical facilities and health care workers are under a lot of stress, The Edge hopes Corporate Malaysia and the larger business community will rally around them by contributing to either or both of the following funds:

1)   The Edge Covid-19 Equipment Fund: Money will be used to buy medical equipment like protective suits, masks and ventilators

2)   The Edge Covid-19 Health Care Workers Support Fund: Money will be used to give financial assistance to health care workers who are infected while caring for Covid-19 patients

Minister of Finance Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, in lauding the initiative, thanked those who have come forward to donate and urged others to help out despite the challenging business environment caused by Covid-19.

"The economic problems we face can be solved faster once the health crisis is contained, so that businesses can reopen and people can go back to work and lead normal lives,” he says. “Whatever help the corporate world and individual business people can provide to our hospital staff, doctors and  nurses is much appreciated.” 

Explaining the need for two different funds, The Edge Media Publisher and CEO Datuk Ho Kay Tat says:

“The first line of defence in the fight against Covid-19 in our hospitals is manned by doctors and nurses and Fund 1 will be used to help equip them to do their job well and that they are safe. They can’t be cutting plastic bags to use as protection suits and masks. Of course, it is inevitable some will be infected by the virus, and that’s when Fund 2 kicks in to provide financial assistance to them. We must show our healthcare workers that while we can’t be with them, they are not alone.”

Ho said that within two days after it decided to launch the initiative, RM15.55 million was raised.

“We have received commitments of RM8.30 million for The Edge Covid-19 Equipment Fund and RM7.25 million for The Edge Covid-19 Health Care Workers Support Fund,” says Ho.

“We thank those who have come forward so quickly and hope others will also support this initiative. Now is the time for all Malaysians to come together and Corporate Malaysia has an important role to play.”

Among those who have made pledges (full list below) is the Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Malaysia (ACCCIM), which is giving RM1.0 million to each of the funds or a total of RM2.0 million.

ACCCIM President Tan Sri Ter Leong Yap says:

“It is time for all Malaysians to stay united. The Government and people’ s shared responsibility and cooperation are crucial to effectively combat Covid-19. We urge Malaysians to have full faith in the Government, and pledge our full support to the front-line medical personnel and healthcare workers for their big sacrifices and dedications in fighting the virus.”

Both funds will be administered by The Edge.

Ho says the funds will be managed transparently with contributions and expenditures fully accounted for. An external auditor will be appointed to audit the accounts of both funds and the accounts will be presented to all donors.

He added that given the urgency, with the help of various parties, an order for 6,000 protective suits and 500,000 face masks was made today with plans for more once their availability is confirmed.

“We are also sourcing for ventilators and hope to confirm the order soon,” he says. “Every country is looking for ventilators and other medical equipment as the number of cases is rising. We have to move fast to secure what we can. Please come forward to donate.”

For enquiries please email [email protected] or call Charis Tan at 03-77218192.



The Edge Covid-19 Equipment Fund

1.     Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Malaysia (ACCCIM): RM1.0 million
2.     Anonymous: RM500,000
3.     Dialog Group Bhd: RM500,000
4.     ECM Libra Foundation: RM500,000
5.     Magnum Corporation Bhd: RM500,000
6.     Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd: RM500,000
7.     OSK Foundation: RM500,000
8.     Perdana Parkcity Sdn Bhd: RM1.0 million
9.     Press Metal Aluminium Holdings Bhd:  RM500,000
10.   QL Resources Bhd: RM500,000
11.   The Edge Communicatons Sdn Bhd: RM100,000
12.   TSH Resources Bhd: RM100,000.
13.   YTL Power International Bhd: RM500,000
14.   Tan Sri David Cheng and Datuk Allan Lim (GPL Group Sdn Bhd): RM500,000
15.   Datuk Seri Nazir Razak: RM500,000
16.   Datuk Tong Kooi Ong (UPP Pulp & Paper (M) Sdn Bhd): RM500,000
17.   Yvonne Lam: RM100,000

Total: RM8.3 million


The Edge Covid-19 Health Care Workers Support Fund

1.   Affin Hwang Asset Management Bhd: RM250,000
2.   Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCCIM): RM1.0 million
3.   Dialog Group Bhd: RM500,000
4.   FWD Group: RM2.0 million
5.   Hartalega Foundation RM1.0 million
6.   IJM Corporation Bhd: RM1.0 million
7.   Magnum Corporation Bhd: RM500,000
8.   Newfields Advisors Sdn Bhd: RM250,000
9.   Press Metal Aluminium Holdings Bhd: RM500,000
10.  Rexit Bhd: RM250,000

Total: RM7.25 million

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