Thursday 07 Dec 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 12): Durian prices in Singapore have dropped to a record low, on the back of a glut of the fruit sent to the republic from Malaysia, with the musang king being sold for as little as S$15 (RM48.91) a kg.

In a report on Sunday (Dec 11), the Straits Times (ST) reported that a spike in supplies from Malaysian plantations in Pahang, Johor and Genting Highlands meant an excess of durians and plummeting prices.

Citing local traders, the ST reported that the price of the AAA-grade musang king, which is the top tier of the durian variety, is being sold for S$25 a kg, a 38% drop from S$40 a kg six months ago.

Meanwhile, the no-frills musang king durian variety costs S$16 a kg, down 36% from S$25 a kg about six months ago.  

Prices of other varieties of durian at his shop have dropped by up to almost 50%. The popular black gold durian now sells for about S$18 to S$20 a kg, down by as much as 44% from S$32 a kg six months ago.

The D24 durian sells for about S$12 a kg, down 33% from S$18 six months ago.

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