Monday 05 Jun 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 15): While the Covid-19 pandemic has driven organisations across the public and private sectors to scrutinise expenditure, the impetus for businesses to transform to succeed in a digital economy continues to increase, calling for enterprises to adopt new digital technologies, according to Nutanix Malaysia country manager Avinash Gowda.

California-headquartered and Nasdaq-listed Nutanix Inc makes information technology (IT) infrastructure invisible with an enterprise cloud platform that delivers the agility and economics of the public cloud — without sacrificing the security and control of on-premise infrastructure.

Gowda said there had been an uptick in Malaysian companies asking about running applications on multi, hybrid and private clouds.

“The pandemic has undeniably accelerated digital transformation and, for some businesses, it has also created the necessity for increasing technology investment,” Gowda told in an exclusive interview.

He said organisations across the public and private sectors are looking at current IT and cloud strategies objectively, with their end customer in mind.

“Focusing on key metrics that improve customer experience is a good benchmark to gauge the impact of their decisions,” he said.

Gowda explained that businesses are looking to the cloud — especially hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure — to truly gain a competitive advantage.

He said a hybrid cloud approach delivers the benefits and convenience of the public cloud, together with the security of a private cloud, without compromising on efficiency and cost.

“This enables them to move applications across clouds with ease and gain greater control of their IT spend, while remaining confident in the security of their data,” he said.

Gowda added that Malaysia’s digital economy will only accelerate going forward.

“Businesses that fail to transform with the right technologies and put in place the modern IT infrastructure required will find themselves losing out in the digital era.

 “Investing in new technologies may feel counter-intuitive in a climate that seems to encourage belt-tightening.

“But businesses that want to survive and thrive in the new normal cannot afford to stay stagnant. Instead, they need to actively modernise their IT infrastructure to adapt to economic fluctuations amid constraints,” he said.

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